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[NSW] Newcastle to Eastern creek, Sat Nov 11th

Discussion in 'NSW' started by ForumBot, Oct 30, 2006.

  1. Added to Calendar by: stephen

    meeting at the twin shell servo at 8am to ride to eastern creek to watch car/bike drags

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  2. wasnt meant to be 8pm was meant to be 8am sorry people
  3. Should be good for this ride, tag.
  4. yeah we can make a stop at the twin servos on our way down
  5. well didnt really have a plan to stop anywhere once we got into syd but im sure i can find out where a good spot to stop
  6. The weather is looking good, should be a good day, even if i dont stay too long.

    Whats the situation with parking? I am super paranoid about my bike and dont stray too far from it for too long!! ....... If only i could ride it up my stairs ...... I would park it in the lounge room!!! I would be the person to go camping and set up the tent for the bike and sleep under the stars!!!!

    Anyway, looking forward to sat, will c u there

  7. Steve - I'll be tucked up in bed after my nightshift and getting ready for my next nightshift that night. Have fun.
  8. hi steve, sorry i havent replied sooner. i will be unable to make this one, im preparing for a holiday! have fun and be safe

  9. Hi Tim, you can park in either the designated concrete carpark area near the pits or do what many of my friends do and ride up the paths to the grassy areas on the hills where you are sitting.

    Have fun!
  10. BUGGER!!!! I am not going to be able to make this one anymore, I have 'issues' at work, or maybe soon to be ex-work, so I'm in survival mode(broke), rides will be short for a while i think..... sorry Steve....

    I think, at the most, i might ride into town sometime over the weekend.

    Have fun, see ya's soon.

  11. no worries at all people there will be other time thats for sure