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[NSW] Newcastle Salvation Army Tinned Food & Blanket Appeal,

Discussion in 'NSW' started by ForumBot, Mar 3, 2007.

  1. Added to Calendar by: rourkster

    Meet at Hexham Maccas at 9am for brekkie and chat. Ride to Sandgate Markets when run commences at 10am & heads to Bar Beach carpark. Hand over tinned food, blankets and clothing to the Salvos. Poker Run starts at 11am for destinations unknown.

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  2. Sounds good to me. See you there rourkster.

  3. I may have missed it, but... what's the date for that? Sorry if that's bleedingly obvious but I can't see it.

    EDIT : Bah I missed it. Sunday 15th April.
  4. I have seen this being advertised lately, hope to get a good turnout and cross your fingers for nice weather :)

    I should be there.

    And anyway rourkster, where have you been, we have all been missing you!!

  5. yes I second that Simon WTF have you been. ive left heaps of messages for ya you big blouse.
    Im not sure I have the right number......

    Looking forward to seein those leathers in action..has been a while
  6. I have just noticed that the start time for the ride to depart sandgate is 10am, however i think it may be 9am??? I will check it out....

  7. Hi guys.....Is there a bike run after arriving at Bar Beach?????? and where to?????? :p
  8. Yes, the poker run is held after this event, I think it is held by the 'Hunter Valley Bikers'.

    We could always organise a ride somewhere afterwards??


    P.S. ...... SIMON ........ are you here ........ SIMON!!!!!
  9. Need more info?... :p
  10. im really keen to go for a ride with u guys if u can give more details on where and what time it would be great. are u guys organising your own ride afterwards????? im in if u do :grin:
  11. henno nice eyes....You rock :p
  12. the skin has stretched around my eyes from having my visor open too often at high speeds lol lol :LOL: :LOL: no no its not me, but i found it quite incredible :shock: :LOL: soooooo whats happening with this ride?? can u tell me what a poker run is?? do they play poker for real :oops: :oops: am i a dumb a$$ for asking? :oops: can u explain a poker run? :wink:
  13. OK, for a start, the "Salvation Army tinned food and blanket appeal" starts at 9am from sandgate regional produce markets, Rural Dr, Sandgate, a few of us are meeting at Hexham maccas about 8.30am for breaky.

    The poker run i think involves a buy in price, about $20 (proceeds to charity) where you will get a list of destinations to ride to, get a card, ride to next meet, get a card and so on until you finish, usually in the Maitland area, where the best hand wins prizes donated by various companies. Also i think there is a band and stuff at the end point.

    I havn't been on a poker run myself, but i have been told it is a good day out, and again most proceeds are donated to charity, all for a good cause i say ......

    I suppose depending on popular concencus, we may organise a bit of a cruise somewhere ourselves, maybe dodge the few hundred harleys expected to attend the poker run..

    Hope the bit more info helps, and hope to see you there.

  14. I would be interested doing either.........if someone would like to organise a run somewhere interesting..........if all you guys are doing the poker run, id be in that also....... :bannanabutt: :rofl: :biker:
  15. im up for anything! i havnt been in newcastle for long so im out for suggestions for a good place to ride.ill come if u guys will put up with me.i havnt been on any group rides as such so im looking foward to it! :grin:
  16. how many nr's are going?
  17. I'm interested, but I havent been on a ride before and I'm still on my L's so I wouldn't want to slow people down.
  18. hey squash come along!!!!!! u wont slow me down. i go slow compared to most. it'll be good to meet some new people. this is my first ride with a group so i wont be hammering anywayz. just doooo iit :p
  19. itll be good to see that nice new hyosung of yours aswell. from what ive heard there a nice 250!
  20. Haha. Well I think so but it depends on who you ask I think. :wink: