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[NSW] Newcastle Salvation Army Christmas Toy Run, Sun Dec 3r

Discussion in 'NSW' started by ForumBot, Nov 8, 2006.

  1. Added to Calendar by: Ross

    Meeting at Hexham Maccas around 8.45am leave there 9.00am and ride to Sandgate Markets then into Newy at 10am. Bring UNWRAPPED gifts for boys and girls or cash donations and join the other 7000 or more bikers in this annual spectacular event.

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  2. I'm in, hopefully there will be enough of us to ride elbow to elbow with someone you know!!

  3. Count me, in been looking forward to this event for ages not quiet the same as a run up the oxley but its for the kiddies and the atmosphere will be great to have a group presence turn up this year and then I might be able to lose you wierdo's in the crowd and find some new friends on big shiney harley's !!!!
  4. I'll be there
  5. Yep in for sure. Been keen on getting into one of these for a while and this is the year.
    Maybe we could get something so stick on our bikes to signify we are part of a group or something . Just an idea
  6. What like all have kermit green flags ? weirdo
  7. Count me in to, I have been waiting for this since the Blanket run earlier this year. :)
  8. Just new to Netrider. Live in Ashtonfield. Would love to go on this. Hope to catch up and make some new aquaintances.
  9. Welcome MarkT and look forward to seeing you on the run.
  10. I'm in!!!!
  11. Hey Gday markT looking forward to meeting you as I am you to LPCIII should be a great day!!!!!! You need a place to crash the night or anything LPCIII Let us know we for sure could work something out !!!
  12. Hmm, bit of post repetition going on.

    Should be a good day. I've been to a few now and its always a good atmosphere and great to check out all the bikes.
  13. well im in as well its always a top day last yr was a awesome day maybe we should meet earlier so tim dont run late lol soooooooooooorrry tim
  14. I've never been on time for anything other than LEAVING work! I'll try, i promise.......

  15. Well Ktulu and I will be coming up and a place to crash would be great, that means I won't have to wake up at 6:30. Still what time does it all finish, just cos I have to try and get back to Sydney by about 3:30.
  16. Definitely in. Hexham Maccas should be a good meeting point before we head to the markets. LPCIII - I would offer you and Ktulu my sofa bed for Sat night but I have a heap of rellies over that night for my daughter's birthday. I'm sure the Newcastle fraternity can accomodate you guys somewhere.
  17. i will be there. i will also be dragging a few guys from work along. oh, brad, great idea about the green flags, you really are an ideas man!!!

    look forward to meeting a couple of newbies!

  18. Reckon I might tag along. Never been to one of these things.
    Did a pink ribbon ride a couple of years ago in Sydney and that was HUGE!

    Hey Tim, if you end up going happy to meet at Tronno :grin:
  19. Can crash at our place Saturday night it's close to the venue have a blow up matress/ swag and plenty of floor space better ask the boss but she wont mind , PM me or email me if your interested and will give ya directions , think its usually finished by lunch time , but guess you can leave hen ever you want really !
  20. Or not I realise I am pretty scarey my reputaton must precede me ...thanks for dobbing Brett thought you were a friend