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[NSW] Newcastle - Map Of Tassie - ride, Sat Jun 10th

Discussion in 'NSW' at netrider.net.au started by ForumBot, May 31, 2006.

  1. Added to Calendar by: Tim

    Hi, just posting a ride departing from bar beach car park at 9.30am, heading south on the old pacific hwy to gosford, east out of gosford, onto wisemans ferry rd, north onto george downes rd to wollombi then east through paxton and ellalong to freemans...

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  2. I'm a definite Tim. Will be bringing my son with me. I'm also trying to get Geoff and another mate to tag along. Geoff was on the VTR1000 last time. Looking forward to it. :woot:
  3. Thats great, all going well it should be a really good ride, looking forward to seeing you there rourkster! Maybe this time I might let another rider between myself and Geoff to save the ears ringing for a while.....WILL SOMEONE GET THAT BLOODY PHONE!!!!......Anyways.......,

    ??Simon, do you have a contact for Nick, Darrin or Chis from the last ride? just thought they may be interested, if not going away for the long weekend. I think typhoon may be unavailable unfortunately, but there will be more rides to come!!
  4. Yeah, I am out for this one too. Having a hard time getting out on rides at the moment, selling a boat, new bike needing lots of unforseen work, old bike being prepared for sale, long weekends( always have to visit the inlaws on long weekends).
    I WILL get out sometime soon, I swear!

    Regards, Andrew.
  5. Oh thats how it is , is it? So Im just another Mate? how rude.

    Yeah count me in boys. Looking forward to it.
    Just make sure Geoff puts bloody petrol in this time.

    Simon could meet u along industrial on ya way in if you like. Ill reply to your email anyway.

    See ya then guys
  6. Hey Monkey! Didn't know you'd signed up. You're only just "another mate" 'cause Tim hasn't met you yet! What say we meet at the lights at the corner of Industrial Dr and Steel River Bvde (opposite Stevenson Park) at 9am? I'll have Liam with me. He's itching for it. :grin:

    BTW - I won't be at indoor this week due to work.
  7. Hey, how is everyone?

    just bumping this up to try to catch a bit more attention!!
    I have a strange feeling that newcastle has a lack of interest in anything other than Ulysses or 'outlaw' gangs!!

    a friend of mine has just purchased a virago 250 and I'm urging him to come along. He is concerned about his lack of experience, I just told him you HAVE to ride to get experience!!!

    havent had as many hits on this as in the general discussions forum, but I'm hopeful.....

    Rubber LOVES Road, DONT break the relationship!!!
  8. Mate, it's hard getting people in Newcastle to come out on anything organised I think. I tried for a few months and had bugger all luck.
    Don't forget it's all bloody trailbikes up here too!
    Things are a 100% improvement on what they were!

    Regards, Andrew.
  9. Yeah, thats right, I forgot about the dirty's!
    a few of my mates are dirt bikers and they are MANIACS!!
    Talk about a disregard for personal injury!!
    I thought I was a bit bonkers, but the speeds those guys do in the bush.....balls of steel!! thats the best bit about my little 'star', it can only go fast enough for me to slide for a while.....albeit, in pain!!!

    'Rubber side down'
  10. Sounds like a plan Simon. Should be somewhere we can pull over to hook up.

    I wont be at indoor either since im workin 1-9s this week. johns back though i think

    As fr the mate tim just bring him along. Tell him this is what riding a bike is all about.
    I know some people prefer no noobs on a run but mate you've arranged this one so it's your call.

    Simons bringin his little fella and i dont mean the one in his pants, so not like he's gonna be scrappin his pegs on the ride.

    Oh and then Simon wont have to feel so bad about being on a cruiser.

    Lookin forward to it
  11. Boys, I was out from 6:00am to 6:30pm today on the Putty Run so I won't be able to be away for another whole Saturday so soon.
    Have a great ride, and c'mon, you Newcastle riders, get behind Typhoon and the fellers and support these rides....
  12. sat ride

    hi guys- first time poster.
    i live in newie and would love to come! seems every time there is a reasonable ride on i am busy. ive been checking for local rides and the last three i could not make.
    this sat i have to be home by 3- would i make that??
    disappointed by lack of interest in newie- thought it time to join in.
  13. G'day, just an update on the weather for saturday: partly cloudy with coastal rain, increasing in the afternoon. So, maybe some wet weather gear might be in order, and if its a bit nippy here, it will be dam cold out the back of bumblefuk, so rug up!

    anyway, my mate got his 'L's and his virago today( I actually rode it from out here into town for my friend and for a 94 model it was not bad, for a 250!!) though I dont think he will be joining us.

    readie: good to have you on board, look forward to seeing you there(...another one to try to keep up with......might bring a lasoo...just jokes.)and to your Q. the ride is about 5-6hrs including a lunch stop, so you should squeeze it in!!

    we so far have myself, rourkster+pillion, Geoff, DEN MONKEY and readie.

    I'm pretty much going with the exception of perhaps a flood or hurricane, so I will be in the middle of bar beach car park at about 9am, fuelled up of course( hint hint, for those needing jerry cans!!)

    Looking forward to it, see you there!


    P.S. any ideas on maybe a quick stop somewhere around gosford?? and will lunch be at the wollombi ' or does someone know any other spots around Bucketty or maybe Kulnura??
  14. im new to the netrider too, am keen with a mate for rides but no good on double demerit weekends, too risky. will keep checking for future rides though. and will get involved
  15. apologies.

    sorry folks, cant come this time. (better halfs birthday, friends coming over etc.) very keen for similar rides. (might even do the ride on monday?) really enjoy a good long ride out of town. usually thunderbolts way and oxley highway etc. never been on this ride. sounds good.
  16. Hi all I am looking forward to going on this ride but if its still raining in the morning in am out . :(

    Fingers crossed it clears op overnight :roll:
  17. Tim, Rourkster et al,
    Sorry I cant make it this weekend....big pistol shoot on, so I am booked for that. Sounds like a nice ride though...next time?
    Nick :cool:
  18. Hi all, weather is lookin a bit shaky but as i said before, i'm in anyway, unless i am the only one who shows, then i go home!!
  19. Thanx to Simon and his son Liam on the Vulcan, Brett on the Ninja and Ross on the Bandit for a soggy, FOGGY, but all up good ride!! All up for me it was 8 hrs and 300km round trip from home to home, but a nice trip. A maniac red ute for Ross, some slippery bits for me, getting used to new bike for Brett in the wet, and Simon being sure to bring the young bloke back to Mum safely made a good pace for double demerits, though in the twisties when i couldnt help myself I had Bandit in the mirrors no matter what i did( and Ross was probably not really trying!) Good experience and good fun!

    Look forward to the next one, Probably see you a frasers for the memorial run.


    Rubber LOVES Road, DONT break the relationship!!!
  20. Yep was a good run today. Thanks for the ride out boys. Great feed and company but shit weather.
    Was nice to get her back home and in the shed though.

    Thanks again guys and see ya for the next one.

    The rest of you Newy bastards, get ya fingers out and come along.