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[NSW] Newcastle leg, Wollombi run, Sat Feb 24th

Discussion in 'NSW' started by ForumBot, Jan 25, 2007.

  1. Added to Calendar by: Tim

    OK, the plans have been made with PLENTY of notice but I thought i would put up an extra teaser to catch the eyes of some of the vision impaired Newy riders.

    We will meet at Hexham Maccas at 10am, leaving at 10:30am, aiming to arrive at Wollombi Tav...

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  2. doof doof doof doof ...... :cool: "Name?" ..... doof doof doof ..... :( "Er, sorry, you're not on the list" .... doof doof doof..... :mad: "I dont care if you know Mr Tim 650, you're not on the list" .... doof doof doof ..... :eek: "No mate, I don't wanna see your piercings!!" ...... doof doof doof ....... :oops: "Ahhh, get up off your knees, that won't get you in either!" ..... doof doof doof.........

    wouldn't you hate it if it was that^ hard to get into this ride!! Well it's easy!! Just 9 installments of $99.95 +P/H and GST ..............

    OK, forget the installment plan, just put your name down and i will see what i can do :p :wink:

  3. Tim, you're odd and that's being damn nice about it!

    I'll keep an eye on this post. If you're gunna do the full putty loop Tim you're gunna be home late with that start time. You're probably looking at a good 2 hours from broke to Windsor (been a while since I did it and never bothered timing) and then home again. Then you've gotta take into account talking Sh1t time and so on.
  4. Bwaahaaaaaaaaa such a diplomat Saz :p :grin:
  5. THis mean you may actually show your ugly mug Bluey? If so put me in for a definite, been far to long since I overtook you :LOL:
  6. MMMMmmmmmaybe :p if i can get from my walking frame to my bike wivout braking my hip or something lol
  7. Long time no hear Saz, hope you can make it along, I know the whole trip will be pretty big but I can handle it, we will see what happens and weather and so on.

    And as for odd ............ you know me!!!!!!! I like to be different.

  8. hi all!

    will be there with the other half :)

    see you all soon :cool:

  9. Just my luck, a gal on a zzr - but she's taken! :( :eek:
  10. its not hard to find a girl on a zzr :LOL: (no offence....go the zzr's :grin: )
  11. Hello Cat, how ya been? Will be good to have you and the hubby along. I heard you rode to Dubbo!! Nice ride out there if a little boring at times, good experience though.

  12. hi! the Dubbo ride was very boring, was sorta hoping for a roo to jump infront of me for something to do! :LOL:

    see ya soon :biker:
  13. Only just cottoned onto this little escapade of yours weirdo timbo probably about 83.5% in at this moment will keep an eye on post hopefully I wont have to look at your headlight in my mirror all the way to wollimbi please more come !!!!!!! Maybe a chase bunny? No Brett not a leap frog !!!
  14. Hey guys. I might be along for this ride. I have nightwork that night so probably won't do the full run. I'll probably head home after Wollombi.
  15. Hi Simon, something is better than nothing eh...

    Oh, wait a minute ...... I get it .... you're just in it for the feed at Wollombi, are you losing interest in us ...... I can get Brett to get a new piercing if that will impress you?

    Or is it 'cause of your rearendasportsbikeaphobia ?????

    Will be good to see you there mate.

  16. If the weather is fine I will be there :grin:
  17. Ok guys, have a look at this.


    We do a lotta sections like that :twisted:

    Thats taken in 10 mile on the putty road last Sunday.
    Looks awesome :grin:
  18. Gee troops, this sounds like a fun day. :grin: Would like to have made this ride as my first Netrider adventure, but alas, I also have to work both Friday night and Saturday nightshift (which means sleeping as much as possible on Saturday :cry: ). Have a great time everyone. Ride safe and keep smiling. I look forward to meeting as many of you as possible one day soon.
  19. What a great day out! It was a little hot but that did not stop 21 riders getting out amongst it.

    At Hexham we had MZ, zxr6rider, BradGT650R, loftboy and me(Tim 650).

    we headed out to wollombi at a relaxed pace, arriving smack on 12 o'clock, sat in the shade and waited for the Sydney riders to show. A bit after 12:30 a spread out group of about 16 Syd boys arrived and after a snack and chat, we headed off for Putty.

    Within about 5 mins of being on Putty Rd we were signalled by a nice cager of 'radar' activity ahead, which slowed us down for a few ks untill the offending vehicle had safely passed, then the pace hotted up a wee bit. I had an excellent carve up with a Hyo GT650R which lasted quite a few ks(I ride a GV650) and enjoyed serving it up to a few sports bikes on my cruiser!!

    The Syd crew got a bit wet on their way home, while us Newys had a small patch of wet roads which didn't last long.

    This is the Newy riders at Wollombi

    Halfway House, Putty Rd

    Thanx to all who attended, see you on the next one.