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[NSW] Newcastle- L/P plater ride anyone?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by typhoon, Jan 9, 2006.

  1. Anyone interested in meeting up somewhere? Am open to suggestions as to location, but make it somewhere anyone can find, there are a lot of non locals living up these parts!
    I was thinking a ride around the lake could be a goer, lots of twisties, not to fast speed limits and some opportunities in various places to get fuel, food, stop and freak out etc?
    Also, early mornings on weekends seem to be the best time to ride up here, all the blowhards with attitude problems seem to be still in bed with hangovers or something!
    Juat testing the waters...

    Regards, Andrew.

  2. Andrew if you need an experienced rider along as a follow-up rider or something, keep me in the loop, ok?
  3. yo typhoon! i'd be glad to meet up with you after work one day mon-wed? unfortunately i'm in sydney every other day

    if your up for it PM me
  4. I'm from port stephens which isnt too far away -I dont know lake macq very well so somebody showing me a bit of it would be good :)
    Unfortunatly I'm helping a mate who has just moved house this weekend but in the future would be up for a ride i reckon

  5. Hornet, thanks for the offer, will definitely have you along. I can't speak for the others, but I need some guidance for sure!
    Prawns and livingstonest, not definitively going to be this weekend, just thought I'd berley up the water and see who rises! Actually, I'll pobably be flat out fitting my new electronic ignition by the weeknd, and boy do I need it! ( bike hates the heat, I think coils are buggered)
    The lake is very easy to get around, just a couple of turn offs you need to know to keep following it. Aso pretty easy to get through Newcastle and find the Lake from north.
    Would be good to get a bit of a semi regular gathering going up here, plenty of bikes around.
    I don't think any of the new riders would mind others with experience coming along, we just wouldn't want to bore you with our nind numbingly slow progress!
    So if you want to come along anyway and have years riding under the belt, it's fine by me. Maybe it could become a meet somewhere for brekky then the experienced and inexperienced riders split up and do seperate things, don't know, up for sugestions!
    I'd like to keep it around teh Lake somewhere in the hopes of maybe attracting Central coast riders up, as it's not too far to travel. People can meet part the way around the lake or whatever.

    Regards, Andrew.
  6. Andrew I have the Sydney riders ride this Saturday, and the weekend of the 21st/22nd I'll be in Jindabyne with greenguzzi's Disciples CMC group, but after that I'm free..
    (But if everyone else is free on either of those, then go ahead and do it anyway, of course...)
  7. about all ive seen of lake macq is through newcastle and onto the pacific highway heading for the central coast! When somthing gets organised perhaps somebody could guide me from somewhere round the belmont bridge area? hmmm theres a maccas just before the dual carriageway isnt there?
  8. I currently live on the Central Coast, but I'm starting at Newcastle Uni this year, and would love to hook up for a ride soon.

    Uni starts in February, and I'll be there for the next four years :roll: so It'd be good to meet some locals.

    Hopefully I'll have my 'New' bike in the next week or so and can finally get back on the road :twisted:

    Typhoon- You're on your P's and you ride a 77' Z 650? Okay I notice it is on the LAM's list, but I'm still impressed, Thats a big machine (for a P plate).

    It's a bit old though eh? Not the usual fare for a new rider, what's the attraction?

    I'm looking for similar for my next bike- a 400-650cc- God Bless LAM's :grin:
  9. Mate, I am on my L's and have the Z 650! It's on the list, that's why I bought it! Even after all the work I have done to it, it's still been cheaper than a second hand late model 250. it's not so much the power the 650 has (but it does have heaps of torque, pulls from 1500 rpm easily all the way to 12000 rpm), but the sheer weight of the thing (220kgs) and the relatively poor brakes, but I just ride it within it's limitations. Besides, with the skinny back tyre, lots of people think it's an old 250 and get rudely shocked!
    Well, there's been very good interest ina ride so far, but probably not this weekend by the sounds of it, so maybe we'll see if we can organise something for next weekend(21st/22nd). This weekend is looking a bit shaky for me so far, Boyer Bransden haven't replied to my email regarding their ignition on my bike, but the forks have new oil in them now!
    I'm only up here for another 12 months, but am keen to meet other riders and get into the social side of things a bit.

    Regards, Andrew.
  10. Hey Wayne Gardner and co used to ride the wheels of Z650s in production racing back in the 70's and 80's, it was a great bike.

    I presume you know this site: http://www.motorpalace.nl/ ??
  11. Hey, thanks for that link! Havemn't seen that one before. I've found a bike review from the 70's and they weren't super excited about the bike, but then, that was when the great flood of four cylinder four strokes came from japan!
    Gardiner rode one eh? Cool!

    Regards, Andrew.