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[NSW] Newcastle/Hunter Ride Sunday June 1st

Discussion in 'NSW' started by Spiky, May 28, 2008.

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  1. I’m hoping to get a few bikes together for a Newcastle/Hunter ride-out for this Sunday 1st June.

    Assuming that the weather forecast is good, it would be great if we could get a few of us Newcastle and Hunter based bikes out together.
    The initial plan is to leave Hexham McDonalds at 9.30am, head up the NEH and Golden Highway to Broke, then take the Putty Rd down to Wollombi.

    We’ll stop at the Wollombi Tavern for a pie and a pint then work our way back through Cessnock. For those with kids and commitments I would anticipate being back in Newcastle for 1.30 – 2.00pm although this is up to you.

    The road takes in some long straights and a few good twisties, and I would anticipate being (mainly) on the speed limit for most of the journey. It’ll be suitable for most bike sizes and abilities.

    Who's in?
  2. :grin: PMed
    I'm in
  3. Just wondering how you will take the Putty rd from Broke to Wollombi??
  4. via windsor and wisemans ferry :grin:
  5. Who knows? This is all part of the thrill!

    To elaborate: we will drive to Singleton, but hang a left just before that station that used to be a Mobil, but now sells ethanol. We'll go to the end of that road, past the army base and avoiding all the roadkill, then turn left.

    Then we'll turn in towards the mine where my mate Pete works. According to Google Earth, this then ends up near the Wollombi Tavern. If it doesn't, we'll get a free bonus ride whilst we work out where the hell we are. Who cares, it's a ride :grin: .
  6. Hey Chris it may only be 2 of us but we'll have ball :LOL:
    "Who cares, it's a ride "
    I've been kn flat out working on everyone else's bikes ( and will be again tomorow and Monday).
    SO a chance to blast around the valley is HIGH on my list.
    :WStupid: Who cares if we join the tribe of 3 ft pygmys who live in the 4ft savannah grass ( the FUKARWIES ) for those who don't know
  7. Hang on.......you're not from that Duke place over in Morisset are you?
  8. My bike is going :grin:
    See you blokes at maccas then , 9:30 .
  9. Grrrr..... I so want to go for a ride this weekend but the Doc hasn't cleared me yet. Tried to ride the bike today but still a little weak on the LH side but the balance is almost fully back. The other thing I have to get around now is that I am tiring very quickly so long rides are out for now.
    Have fun out there guys hopefully be able to catch up on a ride soon.

  10. WTF!!!!??? Putty rd, and not doing ten mile???? :shock: so close when you make that turn to head towards broke...
    surly the extra 38 km is worth it for two laps... thats 32 km of heaven!!!! pretty bloody good odds where i come from
  11. Sorry to hear that you're not back on the bike yet, but at least you seem to be on the mend. We should meet up for a shorter ride first if you need 'chaperoning' whilst you're getting your strength back.

    Keep getting better - give us a nudge when you're ready to go :wink:
  12. How did this ride go? I wanted to come along but I had study commitments. I am up for it next time though.
  13. In the end there was just me, and Dale on his Ducati. Like yourself, a lot of riders wanted to come but couldn't due to studying (a few of you as it turned out)/weather/the wife/not having a bike.

    It was good for me to ride with someone again - I'm very rusty after a long layoff. Dale on 30 year-old technology is still quicker than I am on 3 year-old technology, but I'll get up to speed eventually :roll: . The sun got brighter the further north we travelled and we spent the majority of the ride on dryish roads.

    Let's get a few more of us for the next one, eh? :)
  14. Glad you enjoyed yourself, it seems that even in good weather and warmer months, the Novocastrians have trouble getting more than 2-3 riders together for a group ride.
  15. Sent you a PM apology Spikey! I was in Townsville at the Ulysses AGM over the past week and did not arrive back until this week. Great idea though. Thanks for the thought. Very keen to join you next time assuming I am in town.
  16. Hi Spiky,
    I'd be keen to come out for a ride sometime, I'm just a noob but seem to getting on pretty well and go up and down the Old Pacific Highway most weekends - on my own.... :cry:
    I'm on the Central Coast so not too far from you AND I'm also from the UK in a previous life, seems to be a lot of us out on bikes in Oz!
  17. whos up for a ride this weekend? I know its short notice, but my next exam is two weekends away, so I have some free time. Either day is cool with me
  18. G'day there. Zooks from Maroota here (near Wisemans).

    I may be keen to for a blast up Putty Rd or OPH sometime. I tend to ride a lot by myself as well.

    It would be good to meet some of you.
  19. Might get more luck with rides with Central Coast Sports Bike Riders www.ccsbr.net
    They meet in Gosford and Newcastle for rides most weekends and are a really friendly bunch.
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