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[NSW] Newcastle gathering, 5th Sept

Discussion in 'NSW' started by chazpowers, Sep 3, 2006.

  1. Any Newy riders that are interested a few of us are meeting down at the foreshore on tuesday night for a catch up and maybe decide on next ride etc... and go for a ride around the beaches weather permitting ..... got three confirmed already any one that hasn't met us come and say gday.
    Plan is to gather along the foreshore ( We will be the ones with the bikes not the bling bling cars ) at between 6:30 and 7pm and as said catch up even if you drop down and say gday for 10 minutes is fine the more poeple we get interested in newcastle we can in the near future meet up with netriders from sydney in locations like wisemans ferry and pie in the sky etc as all good roads lead to newcastle and sydney.
    So this Tuesday night being 5th of September at 6:30pm to 7pm or there abouts for an informal gathering hope to see you there
    Cheers Brad

  2. hey there well that sound pretty good indeed ill come for a ride in if the weather is nice
  3. hey if the weather aint nice no one will be there but look forward to meeting you if its ok ... thats all we need more bloody green riders...just jokes bring it on
  4. yeah that heaps kool good to meet up with new riders yeah another green rider lol but my bike not green thought lol
  5. Its a kwaka mine aint red but I ride red yeah hopefully we can get a good base in newcastle already alot of intrest shown think there might be a few people watching and not coming etc so be good to get every one and plan a monthly ride and a bi monthly meet coffee bbq beer etc so should be good
  6. yeah thats for sure there be good to get a group going do u have msn chat at all
  7. Let us know when the next meet/ride is going to be.

    Newcastle foreshores are like the furthest point away for me..

    Need to have another coffee night / meet at somewhere like Glendale. you might get more people too, being more of a central location for others that may live down this way....
  8. Yeah understandable Jas but through the week have to make the newy riders easy to attend will keepo you informed get a few central coast people involved and can ride to gosford etc and catch up but will defianntly keep you in the loop
  9. Hey I can come and meet up, I don't have my bike yet though. If you guys are just hanging for a while before you ride off let me know :p
  10. i thought u got ya bike ????
  11. Hey, I can 100% come, chaz offered to double me, my gear is on order and should be here by Tuesday, if not, would anyone have a spare helmet I could borrow?

  12. hi all,

    i will be there...but dont let that put you off...i will have my helmet on most of the time anyway!!!!!

    hope to see some newbies!!!

  13. yes agreed with you chaz this needs to stay..

    so please mr supermods n admins this post must stay.
  14. Definitely see you there Brad. I'll try and drag Brett's scrawny little backside along as well. We could call this the "Spring Has Sprung" ride.
  15. Will try, being a work night and nearly broke after the weekend might make it a bit harder tho - but I wll try!
  16. Someone please pm me if they can bring along a spare helmet....l

    I have a rather alien shape head so all sizes almost fit me :p
  17. Thanks Dante for some reason its back so any way will continue with it, Brett is booked in Simon I wanna see his ummm neons under his bike be great to see you again stranger
  18. Hey, I can still come just to meet up, will come riding if someone can lend me a helmet =D

    Cheers, Rhys.
  19. Hey Guys,

    I would like to meet up with a few more Newcastle Riders after meeting Brad _GT650R and Tim 250.
    But unfortunatley :( have a prior arangement ... INXS at Newy Entertainment Centre. :grin:
    Perhaps next time.