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[NSW] Newcastle coffee meet, Sun Jan 14th

Discussion in 'NSW' started by ForumBot, Jan 6, 2007.

  1. Gloria Jeans Draby street Newcastle Sunday 14th of Jan at 3pm

    Every one welcome from anywhere in the area, any Bike any age and any gender we don't discriminate.
    A great bunch of people who would like to meet many more to organise group rides etc.

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  2. hahahahaha ......... have I posted here before .........

    We need a key for all these dam 'locks'!!!!!

    I will b there.

  3. Ok we are all legal now and good to go thanks mods who had great communication skills and fixed this all up.
    Ok Post away guys I need to get excited about this coffee meet again it didn't have the momentum of a freight tain but it became de- railed

    OOOh and its Darby street der
  4. Dunno ..... I thought 'Draby St' seemed quite appropriate..........

  5. I'll be there with bells on (or CONTI'S at least) just have to dump the family on a plane to Queensland first , AHH a weeks peace and quiet started off with coffee and noisy bikes.
  6. Sounds like we will need to organise a ride pretty soon after the coffee ... Oh and sounds like we have a party house WooHoo
  7. A ride maybe , although I do have quite a bit of work on ATM . Party house ????
  8. Err thought thats what the youngins do now a days ahh ok just a coffe and maybe a lie down
  9. I can see this will discussed at length :) see you there
  10. Good to see you can now work the calendar thingy Brad. I shall be there as I lurve the smell of coffee and leather pants in the afternoon. I will bring my NRMA Insurance policy along for everyone to sight prior to embarking on the after ride... :grin:
  11. well ill be there good to catch with ya all but why coffee geeee i hate coffee lol
  12. I think they sell bottled water
  13. If you are that against coffee I can bring some chilled bottled SWANSEA water :LOL: :LOL: . Extra minerals for free
  14. Swansea water, wouldnt it be easier to just dig up a sewer instead :grin: though i could grab a bottle or two of murky brown goodness from Belmont lagoon on the way in.

  15. :oops: Sorry I forgot BORE in between "Swansea" and "Water". Is that better?? It does come out fairly brown at first, :wink: I thought it was like that everywhere :eek:hno:
  16. hmmm bore water that just sounds so great could go some of that
  17. will probably be there still in need of a bike though ;)
  18. Hey I'll vouch for his policy. It actually does exist. They take forever to send out an assessor though..... :p
  19. hi guys,

    im not sure if i can make it as i have a small annoying problem with my bike and dont want to ride it until i sort it out (or i CANT ride it until i sort it out :mad: ) and its a bit lame turning up without my bike :cry:

    so if it is fixed by sunday, which is highly unlikely, i will be there....if not, i will catch up with u all another time....unless i can manage to sneak out of the house with the cbr...hmmm :idea:

    will let you all know :wink: