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[NSW] Newbie group ride this weekend (14/15th)

Discussion in 'NSW' at netrider.net.au started by fitryder, Apr 9, 2007.

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  1. Anyone up for a ride this weekend?

    We are thinking Sunday morning so we hit as little traffic as possible.

    Meet at Tempe Recreation Reserve


    Or around there but the reserve car park is nice and big and a good meet point.

    We road down to Nulla on Monday, I want to ride down to Audley some time, its a bit through the National Park but nothing to hard a few good turns and we can have a brake down by the river or even fetch some food.

    All just ideas at the moment.

    So far inners are

    Myself +1
  2. I'm in!!

    Why not make a longer ride and head to Kiama through the national park or the coast road?

    How long have you been riding for mate?
  3. I'm volunteering Duffa, he should be an in if he gets his $h1t together with a bike :)

    Sunday should be beautiful day for it...hope a few more come along, but I'm definitely in, it's good to run with riders on the same level.

    What would be great, too, is if we could get a (very?) patient experienced rider to join in, spot the mistakes we make and help us out a little. Anybody? Free booze as a dangling carrot :wink:
  4. Hehe, Duffa's volunteered himself while I finished my post :rofl:
  5. hahahaha slow typer mate :LOL:
  6. hmm some guys were planning to make a ride to campbelltown. Meet up at EC shell maybe we'll meet up with you lot :LOL: sounds better than campbelltown just hope the weather clears up
  7. Sorry guys, would bee there, but unfortunately have received a better offer. PUTTY ROAD :grin: :grin: :grin:

    If you have another one i'll try and make it.

  8. Nothing is set in stone yet, we can go further of course but I want to make sure everyone feel comfortable doing so as this is a more learners riders group. I have no problems with that what so ever, more then happy to go on.

    I have only had my license for just under 2 weeks but used to ride a bit of dirt when young and feel confident enough to tackle almost any road (at my own pace) How about you buddy?

    Also I know the road to Bundeena rather well, not to hard but our first target will be Audley i think and we will see how everyone feels from there

    Ya I think it would be funner then a cambelltown ride. Still some time to decide. But you guys are more then welcome, the more the better!
  9. I've been going for 2 months... 3 weeks of which i've been bikeless. So yes, i'm still on my L's lol

    See how everyone feels on the day!! Cold Rock ice cream in Cronulla!
  10. Is the road going to turn to dirt?
  11. Ya ice cream for breakfast sounds nice! lol

    I think most people will be up for a longer ride anyway.

    Im going to do the ride tomorrow i think and check out the state of the roads anyway.

    Never seen any dirt around there, its all black stuff the way we are heading.
  12. Unless someone more experienced wants to I should be able to come along and hang at the back and keep cars away..

    Im on my p's still so not too experienced, i may not be able to pick any subtle problems people are having with their lines etc but might be able to help.. you never know, but im pretty comfortable riding so happy to throw myself between a new rider and a car :)

    The ride down to audley is only a few hundred meters into the national park so id definately reccomend going further..
  13. sounds sweet
  14. I might be up for this will check to see if I got any other plans happening.
  15. Your ideas are great but is it suitable for every one...jokes
  16. Yeah Audley is really only a few hundred meters into the park. Id recommend making it a bit longer, to Bundeena or possibly somewhere like Worronora Dam.

    Im working Sunday night starting from 1.30pm, so i possible might be able to come along

  17. Ya no worries, I know Audley isn’t very far in but if we are meeting at Tempe then we can at least make that our first stop before pressing on, it’s a nice place to stop if need be.

    Then again we can just do it in one hit, depends on what people would like. Defiantly think we should go further. The dam is a good idea, haven’t been there in years! Bundeena is nice, got some places to catch a bite to eat.

    All we need to figure out is time. We want to make it morning so what do you guys think? What is too early for people. I norm get up at 4:30am for work so ill just go majority rules on this one but I rather not get away before 8 or 9 at latest.

    By the way, thanks everyone for showing interest and being keen to do this, really looking forward to meeting everyone!
  18. ^^ can you clarify the above..
    do you want to leave your home before or after this time, or do you want to leave tempe before or after this time?

    My vote is for a early ride, leave tempe at 8:30 to 9, My suggestion is this:
    Leave tempe at 8:30 or 9:00
    9:30 - 10:00 get some maccas breakfast at sylvania, or any other suggestions, maybe a cafe at cronulla where we can still see our bikes
    then head down to audley for a quick stop and regroup at about 10:30(so we dont all have to stop and pay a entry fee to the park)
    11:00 stop at bald hill at stanwell park
    11:30 to 12:00 head back up the old highway and a stop at woronora dam at 12:00 to 12:30 for a stop and chat
    From woronora dam we can all head our seperate ways back

    This is just a suggestion as i am just tagging along and am not a learner. I think this is still a relatively short ride but some nice roads and spots to stop.

    I would also be keen to meet earlier for the ride out to tempe from the sutherland shire once a meeting time at tempe is organised.

    Edit. My times may be out as i might ride faster/slower then the group..
    100th post :)

    Double Edit: after re reading your post i think bundeenas a good idea too.. :) so im not much help..
  19. Well, it looks like everybody's coming out of the woods in God's Country :wink: I'm happy to meet anybody from closer to the city at Tempe and then find the rest of the you around Cronulla or further down if that suits better, aiming to get there around 8:30 or 9....make that tentatively 8:45, traffic and Aussie punctuality are never to be relied on :LOL:

    Al Bundy, would definitely be great to have you along, but I'm still a very slow and conservative rider, and if we're aiming to make this good for us newbies, you might get bored at the back, hehe. Still, sure to be an enjoyable ride :grin:
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