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[NSW] Newbie group ride, Sun Apr 15th

Discussion in 'NSW' started by ForumBot, Apr 10, 2007.

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  1. Added to Calendar by: fitryder

    Meet at Tempe Recreation Reserve at 8am and leave by 8:30.

    Ride to sylvania maccas for brekie till about 9:30 - 9:45 (meeting point 2)

    From that point on we will head to Audley and then to Woronora dam/Stanwell tops or Bundeena.

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  2. Looking to meet up with riders from Lidcombe area to head to the ride.
  3. Here is just a quick map of some of the places of interest mentioned in the post that dissapeared.

  4. im there :grin: how many other riders are coming... ill call a few mates to come along as well .
  5. i'm in like Flynn (whoever he was, and what he was in for...)
  6. Thanks for the post miikeboyle!

    So as you can all see, that is the planned rout(s). The group seems to be getting pretty big which is good. I think its best to decide at Audley which direction we want to head after that. Majority rules.

    So far inners are:
    Al Bundy

    And i think a few more were "maybes"

    If i have missed anyone, please PM me or post below so i can add you to the inners so if someone is late we don't leave without. However, feel free to rock up on the day if you find out your free just before but if we don't know your coming, we cant wait if your late.

  7. may be an inner on this one guys...

    just seeing if i need to pick up my mum att the airport..

    will update closer to date....


  8. I should be free if I dont have a big nite saturday but if I turn up I'll meet at maccas.
  9. I rode to the meet point today...the M5 tunnel is so bad...its hot like hell and people give riders attitude.

    Still looking for riders who want to meet up around my area to meet at the meet point.
  10. aye, i hate the M5 tunnel... mainly because i don't know where the speed cameras are.. and its just boring. and it smells.

    I'm going to be leaving from randwick/kensington/kingsford. If anyone from the eastern suburbs/passing through the eastern suburbs wants to meet up and ride down together, let me know!!
  11. Well i dont have to worry about cameras when there was a 30km/h speed through out my way home. At times a complete stop -_________-" inside the tunnel with crazy heat waves.
  12. maybe if you stick a hot photo on, you'll might get a friend.... :p
  13. were bouts u from sprong??
  14. i thinks he said he wasfrom Lidcombe area.... :LOL:
  15. Yeah im from Lidcombe area
  16. sorry my bad... :bolt:
  17. Its all good
  18. hey sprong did you find a friend yet? :roll:
  19. im gona be coming from the west.... so any1 else???
  20. nope not i cant make it but i will be watching from the sky... :LOL:
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