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[NSW] New Speed Camera Systems

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by starlet, Jul 18, 2007.

  1. I received this in a email today and was wondering if anyone has heard about this?

    The M5 and the M7 are now equipped with Point to Point speed devices.

    Once you enter the M7 for instance you pass the etag and it beeps.

    At the same time a camera takes a photo of your car and records the exact time. For those who have exited the M7 they would be aware that upon exit the etag system beeps again as you leave.

    At the same time another camera at that point takes a photo of the car and the time. Then the computer calculates the time it has taken you to travel between the two points and calculates you speed. If you have completed the clocked journey too fast you are given a speeding ticket.

    At the present time the speed limit is 100K.P.H. and you have a tolerance of 102 and no more. One fraction over that speed and you are issued with a fine automatically.

    Also remember that school zone camera's are not speed tolerant.

    Anything over, even 41, is a fine. This means people will be doing 38 to avoid any differences in their speedo readings.

    Remember, this is going to be a very costly experience for some drivers. It is also going to mean vehicles will be travelling at 95 in order to ensure that no ticket is issued.

    What a shock some drivers are going to have when they have used this roadway for a week and get a weeks tickets BOTH WAYS. Of course your license will also be recalled for three months and you know the rest.

    Take the advice and if you ignore it remember this email when you pay all those fines.

    Also, remember that now with the new legislation, fighting a speed camera fines is almost impossible.

    You must prove the device is faulty and if you are not a technician working on them, you have no chance of beating the fine.

    The Pacific Highway has a set and these are recognised as large steel frames over the lanes with a speed camera and some distance up the road is another large metal frame with a speed camera.

    These new point to point systems are being put onto any expressway or highway where vehicles are not able to exit between those points.
  2. Oh good, so we'll have all the people who might have been speeding or 'just want to play it safe' slowing to 10k's under the limit 5 minutes before they get to their exit.

    What a brilliant system.

    ... just how many people have died in accidents on the M7 so far?

    I can find records of ONE where a 4wd left the road and a child was killed when he was thrown from the vehicle.

    The family themselves said better road side-guards were needed, not "more speed cameras, please!"

    Oh well, bonus argument for toll-evasion. Where's the link to that number plate flipping system?
  3. Just need the LCD film strip across the plate :LOL:
    Gotta be somewhere! just flick the switch and raise the index finger :LOL:
  4. call me a baby-faced, naive young man but don't the authorities actually have to prove you were driving the car to find you guilty?

    doesn't our national legal system of "innocent until proven guilty" outrank any state law about onus being on the driver to find the second driver?

    i know i'm wrong, and the pooch is being screwed, but if anyone would like to point out i'm right then be my guest
  5. ok, you baby faced naive young man, with the exception of WA, there is an owner onus for everyone else with a registered vehicle. If you can't nominate who was driving your vehicle at the time, then you get the fine and the points.

    as for innocent until guilty on the road. BWAHAHAHAHA. That is for the criminal system, not the roads which are regarded as misdemenours until you do silly stuff like high range drink driving of 45+km/h over the limit. At any rate, how can you be presumed innocent when a measurement instrument says you exceeded the speed limit? You are presumed guilty because of it in the same manner as if I were caught standing over the dead body holding a gun. You can fight it on the grounds that you were measured incorrectly (I was the first to arrive after the death and pick up the gun).
  6. you should be presumed innocent until that measurement device can clarify not only how fast the driver was going, but his identity as well.
    for arguments sake of course, are you saying if i was doing something criminally illegal while speeding, say, like hanging a locally-known 17yo Thai hooker (without an Australian Visa) out the window and spanking her while doing coke-lines off her panty-line, that i would not have to nominate anyone? as long as my face was sufficiently obscured by wearing her panties on my head i could just shrug and scratch my head when the Police knock on my door, "sorry boys, i can't help you. coffee?"?

    dumb jokes aside, seriously, wouldn't this national legal process outweigh any pissant state laws?
  7. Has anyone been able to confirm this? The M7 is a prime example of overzealous speed limits. Everybody sits on 120, thinking it should be 140 but not going that fast because of the stupid 100 limit.

    I think they'll loose a lot of patronage if they introduce this, as the road goes a long way out of the way and is not cheap. To be forced to sit on an overly low as well will be the icing on the cake.
  8. good to see that rta is keeping those dangerous divided-wide-multi-lane roads safe. It was only a matter of time before countless more people died, but these camera's will stop that! *coughs*
    I do tend to notice people speeding, but usually only by 5 over on these roads, point to point will basically catch all those people I guess.
  9. :) my humour is wasted on you ingrates
  10. You're getting your "right to silence" mixed up with your "presumption of innocence". Under the Australian Road Rules and Regulations the owner of a motor vehicle must comply with a form of demand by a Police Officer when that Police Officer advises said owner that the driver of their vehicle has allegedly committed an offence under the ARRR's. To not supply the name of the driver is an offence. If you receive a speeding fine you still can elect to have it heard at court and be found Not Guilty. By paying the fine you are basically admitting guilt. In your example, you would have to nominate who was driving, as they committed an offence under the ARRR's (speeding). In NSW they would still be able to force you to nominate who was driving whilst the criminal offences were taking place due to new legislation where indictable offences are involved.

    Does that all make sense??
  11. sure does. though i wasn't thinking about right to silence at all, just that i hoped we had the right to be innocent until the prosocution successfully proves we were the one driving. which speed cameras don't currently do.

    i guess it was a loop-hole that was closed up long ago, huh. thanks for your reply.
    I'll stick to being baby-faced :)
    hell, might even shave today...
  12. listen up n00bs, this is my boomstick

    Here are the federal laws from

    This particular one is from the WA legislature (a bill amending the original act). There is a version for each state.

    (2) When an infringement notice is served on the
    owner of a motor vehicle in the circumstances referred to in
    10 subsection (1), then, unless within the period stated in the
    infringement notice or that period as extended --

    (a) the modified penalty is paid; or

    (b) the owner --

    (i) identifies to an authorized person the
    15 person who was the driver or person in
    charge of the motor vehicle at the relevant
    time; or

    (ii) satisfies an authorized person that, at the
    relevant time, the motor vehicle had been
    20 stolen or unlawfully taken or was being
    unlawfully used,

    the owner is deemed to be the driver or person in charge of
    the motor vehicle at the time of the commission of the
    alleged offence.
  13. Bonox is correct.

    Also these point to point cameras have been operating in test on the M4 and NSW far north coast Pacific Hwy for well over 12 months, not sure if they have introduced them on to the M7 though.

    What you will see is people pulling over before the first camera and covering the plate, then uncovering it shortly after passing it.
  14. All of this is B.S.

    Firstly Starlet... who did you receive the email off?? I guarantee it wasn't off the RTA.

    In NSW the law states there MUST be 3 written warnings of a speed camera ahead (E.G. the 3 signs on the M5 Long Tunnel and not the short one as it has NO speed cameras).

    2ndly the big frames on the pacific highway is not a speed trap per sae, it is to monitor trucks and other heavy vehicles to ensure they do not breach the regulations governing how many hours in a day they can travel.
    I know this for a fact because A.
    I work in the transport industry and B.
    I absolutely fly past them in my car or bike givin them the bird every single time for the last couple of years and have NEVER been booked.

    This is another bullshit email someone has started.

    And thirdly, even though I can't stand the australian media, they would be all over this like a rash if this were even half true as it is purely revenue raising

    i rest my case :grin:
  15. Another exampleof the big frames with cameras can also be seen at Marulan Rta Weighbridge where it is off the freeway in the entrance to the weighbridge for the trucks to get their pic taken
  16. You guys are barking up a one way creek with a paddle!

    Get the vehicle registered in a company name and then when you cannot identify which driver it is, no points are allocated......................the downside is, you pay a bigger fine :(

    Back to OP..................I've erred nuffin'
  17. Bahahaha that is hilarious :LOL: :LOL:
  18. http://www.rta.nsw.gov.au/roadsafet...ixeddigitalspeedcameras/ptp_camera_trial.html

    There are cameras, they're just not sending out notices yet
  19. If they're being trialled then now is the perfect time to vandalise them!