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[NSW] !~ New Rider with some Questions ~!

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by FlukeMasteR, Dec 10, 2007.

  1. Hey everyone at Newrider! First post and soon to be new rider on the road!!

    A bit about myself,

    My names Steven, im turning 21 in 17 days, I live in Holsworthy (Near Liverpool) and I work in Sydney City for David Jones Limited.

    I have never been on a motorcycle besides the 2-Day stay up course down at the Campbelltown UNI. I have been really keen to get a bike for sometime now. Now I can go for my Knowledge test to acquire my L's, though im not to sure about the difficulty of the test.

    I am going to purchase a new HYOSUNG GT650RL for my first bike, I am of average size and build and I think I can slowly learn to use this bike both safely and confident to become a very smart rider.

    I hope to start riding when I get my P's with a few groups to get to meet some other riders, knowing im going to want to Mod my bike and really get to know it well.

    I have some questions that can hopefully help me out a bit,

    1) Is the knowledge test for the bike similar to the car learners?

    2) Seeing the Hyo 650RL is a big bike will I have trouble with my P License test? I seen a few people doing their P’s and it looked quite hard to maynover through the cones at a slow speed. I was hoping someone out there has passed the P test on a large bike similar to the Hyosung. Otherwise im going to have to buy a 2nd hand bike just for the course.


    Steven a.k.a FlukeMasteR
  2. Welcome mate, in terms of the Hyo for the test, it can be done but the U-Turn will be farking difficult on that bike. It turns slower than my Bird...

    Habibi recently had a stab at the test, he passed but felt it necessary to use the testing groups bike and not the hyo.
  3. Steven,
    I agree with Tweet. Plus, are you really set on the Hyo? They are OK, but I have seen people with more problems on them than any other bike. In my opinion a near new Jap learners bike Vs a new hyo 650 will cost less, last longer, not be off the road for months at a time, easier to sell come upgrade time and give better street cred.
  4. Karl makes some very valid points.
  5. Hi Steven,

    I'm a Hyo owner and have to say I agree with the above comments. It's a biatch to U-turn when you're learning and there are better bikes out there that are more reliable. Mines a GT250R which is the more reliable of the two (650/250) and it's been off the road for about 2 months in the last twelve with faulty bits and pieces and is currently having a Big End rebuild after only 15000 odd k's. Have you thought about a VTR250 naked? Extremely reliable and heaps of fun to ride.

    Best of luck with your choice mate and welcome to riding! :grin:
  6. 1) yes

    2) yes

    just use one of their bikes.
  7. Welcome Aboard Steven !

    :WStupid: .. what they said.
    I'd use the bikes supplied when you are doing your test. ( Usually a CB250, SL230 or hornet 250. You'll find em easier to manoveur than the Hyo
  8. I'm the same as Dougz. I have a GT250R and it'sa biatch to do a u-turn on. I got my opens up here in QLD & used their 650 BMW's. Theirs are set up for a Drop, your's isnt. And i can tell you that they can be a bit pricey to fix and can b hard to get parts for.

    Welcome to NR also
  9. I got one and dont recomend one to anyone, i bought second hand though.

    The ride quality degrades quickly and you end up fighting it instead of enjoying it. Horrible on the wallet too. Each time something is fixed another thing breaks.

    U-Turn I used the testing grounds CB250