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[NSW] New Restrictions for L & P riders

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by The Rocketeer, Jun 7, 2007.

  1. I just realised that it's an instant suspension for speeding, regardless of how fast you were going. If we're doing 5-10 kay over, instant 3month+ suspension... I reakon speeding is the biggest offence and to

    Compare that to a restricted rider jumping on an R1 getting caught - $384 + infringement notice for 1st offence (not sure what the traffice infringement entails but i would doubt that it would be a disqualification of licence?)

    anyway my point was that the Law is getting abit rough... I would have been happier with an increased fine or even sacrificed another point, but eh i guess if it saves a life then it's worth the disgruntled ride... wondering if anyone else feels the same

    (http://rta.nsw.gov.au/licensing/gettingalicence/200707_restrictions.html) - for the new laws

  2. This is absolutely ridiculous.
  3. Typical nonsense.

    I'm going for my riding test next Friday so I don't have to spend any longer on my Ls primarily because I don't want to risk an accidental suspension. A three month suspension would see me all but unemployed.
  4. I think this would be the most logical way they would rate how harsh the suspension is:

    under 15 kays - 3 months
    under 30 kays - 6 months
    over 30 kays - 12 months+

    still really harsh...
  5. So L and P platers lose their licence for 3 months if they are caught speeding 5km/h+ over the speed limit on their 250cc but don't lose their licence if they get caught riding an R1??

    This just doesn't make any sense.
  6. Neither does having 0-15 at 3 points and 15-30 at 3 points. If you have the money, why bother with doing less than 15 over the limit. You might as well get your 3 points worth! And double demerits is a crock. How is speeding on a normal day any less dangerous than speeding on a long weekend. They should leave the points the same and increase the amount of enforcement.

    You know what else doesn't make sense.....if you have a cop running a speed trap, then anyone flashing their lights or otherwise warning others can get booked. But if it is a camera BY LAW motorists have to be warned three times before it! What a crock. Bring on the covert cameras I say.(you can all start howling in disgust now.........)
  7. I believe that's something of a grey area since flashing your lights could be argued as trying to prevent other road users from commiting an offence - which I believe is considered perfectly acceptable and legal. Hopefully some of the more legally competent netriders might be able to clarify this one but I don't see how it could be seen as any different than say pointing out that maybe someone shouldn't walk into a bank with a shotgun. Either way your helping prevent someone from breaking the law.
  8. seems the government has discovered a booming export trade in provisional licences

    and a generation of suspended drivers ensues
  9. I don't see how not allowing people to get any experience by being suspended is going to save lives (besides reducing the number of cars)

    p.s. theres another thread on this just a little further down the list
  10. Here we go again....

    If you don't speed then you won't lose your licence!

    It is pretty f^$&ing simple. They are trying to drum into people while they are forming their lifelong driving habits that you really need to stick to the law. Speeding is the easy target because it is the easiest detectable crime. Plus many of the P plate deaths on the road relate to people making poor choices about their speed. If people get into the habit of sticking to the law then for many that may translate into not running red lights, stopping for stop signs and giving way at roundabouts.

    And before it starts, this is the last I'm going to say on this because I know most people on here are anti-enforcement 1. because it limits their freedom and 2. because they aren't the ones responsible for law enforcement so can only see it from the road users perspective, not the legislator's. So it will just get ugly from here. It even got ugly on the MCC mailing list!
  11. :? horrible restrictions...

    the point with speeding, is that you can make a short lapse of concentration on your speed, be 5km/h over the limit and loss your license for 3 months. Complete and utter bollocks.

    I might have to go get my car learners before July so that I can avoid having to do 120 hours and a year of driving before I can get my P1's (never mind that i'm an unrestricted rider :roll: )
  12. Firstly lets be honest, I don't think any rider out there on any bike, nor car driver can not speed. Not out of choice, but just that we are not perfect robots and do fluctuate our speed around our target driving speed. Concentrate more (looking more often at the speedo) are you are taking your eyes off the roads, causing far greater problems.

    So let me get this right, You do 3kms over and you lose your licence. Have the same lapse in concentration in 3 months and you will be a 2 time loser. Then try to apply for some insurance and realise that your premium quotes are far too high for you to afford. also by now you have lost your job because you had no way of commuting to your job for 6 months and you can't afford insurance, so risk it. Your 6 month old vtr250 is then stolen and you are broke, unemployed and about to hang yourself because some brainwashed analyst in front of a database computer in a statistical research firm is advising the politicians to get tougher on the new riders who haven't honed in their throttle skills yet.

    We will never be robots, why are we listening to a government about how we should make our lives more restrictive and never ask "Hey, aren't you employed to serve our interests?"
  13. Mate, I agree with the guts of what you're saying but speeding is not a crime.
    Its an offence against a regulation not an act.
    Just being picky!
  14. If that is true, then why are police treating us like criminals, verbally abusing me each time I have been pulled over for exceeding the limit? (I have not lost my licence btw)

    Also lets have a look at other facts to this issue:

    Why not just drive without a licence?
    Vicroads:Unlicensed driving in the circumstances set out in paragraphs (a) and (b) of section 18(2), namely when a previous licence or International Driving Permit has expired and the licence has not been cancelled for an offence
    Penalty: $270 and 2.5 penalty points (but you don't lose your licence.

    or ride an unregistered bike?
    Vicroads:Own or use unregistered motor cycle with engine capacity of 501cc or more
    penalty: $430($320 for 250cc), 4(3) penalty points (again, no loss of licence)

    The message: You WILL be treated better if you have a disregard for the law, than if you are a law abiding citizen.

    This government system is a complete joke in my opinion. If I didn't want to make the most of each day of my life I would harass my MP 24-7 to fix the system. But like the rest of us, I'm just disinterested to pull my hair out trying to have a say.
  15. The law/s is an arse. Always has been and always will be but I do know that if you dont speed you wont be booked for speeding which is what was said above. I have been booked and I've been let off several times each. I'm no angle. But if you keep getting booked because you keep speeding then thats another problem.

    We may not like the law but it is the law and we have the right to try to change the law. Not just ignore it and biatch about it later. :)
  16. just a note on one of the earlier comments. if you are a p plater caught on an R1 or any other non lams bike, you will loose your licence for 3 months.

    2 points for riding outside your restrictions.
    2 points for not displaying p plates

    plus other points for the fact that you were probably speeding for getting pulled over in the first place.

    so you wont get much change out of 1000 bucks after paying the fine.

    i was certain it was 2 points for 0-15kms over the limit?

    doesnt really matter anyway, fcuk all you can do about it.

    maybe a gahndi style campaign of public disobiediance?? oh but then, of coarse morris would crack down on hardened criminals.

    the labor regime really are cunning stunts.


    ps and yes i did start a thread on this very topic the day i got the letter. consensis was that (other than its frigginbullshit) is another labour govt bullshitbandaid solution. THANKS AGAIN MORRIS YOU CUCKING FUNT! ANYTHING YOU ELSE THAT YOU WANT TO fcuk UP IN YOUR BRIGHT POLITCIAL CAREER???
  17. Everyone has alot to say about this issue, and the fact that its just a substitute for the REAL problem, that is lack of driver training.

    Anyone else angry enough to organize something big to get us heard?
  18. I'd be up for a protest rideout :grin:
  19. Paging the Motorcycle Council!!!!!!
  20. The actual offence you will usually get booked for is Improper Use of High Beam. Nothing to do with warning people. Whole different kettle of fish.