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NSW - New Point to Point Speed Devices

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by steve2909, Mar 10, 2008.

  1. Just received notification that the M5 and M7 Motorways are now equipped with Point to Point Speed Devices. On entering the M7 or M5 a camera is going to record your vehicle and upon exiting the motorway another camera will again record your vehicle. A computer will then analyse your average speed between the two points and issue you with a speeding fine in the mail if the calculations suggest you have been speeding. Apparently the limit tolerance is currently set at 2 km per hour over the current speed limit. You have been warned.

    Although not substantiated as yet but they (government) are looking to introducing the same principal to the Pacific Highway in the not too distant future. :evil: :evil:
  2. How far are the cameras though? Problem with point-to-point is they'd have no way of telling the difference between a vehicle that did 100kph the entire time and one that did 150 for a small section, then 70-80 for the rest.
    Plus given a lot of cars now have an average speed display on the trip computer this might just cause a massive bank-up of traffic near offramps as cars slow right down to reduce their average speed and avoid being booked.
  3. jd, information suggests that they are already or will be linked to all existing E-tag locations. As you have stated there are many pitfalls with this type of system.....I can see people pulling over in breakdown bays or on the side of roads in a bid to reduce their average speed and cause all sorts of problems! Interesting to see if anyone legally challenges subsequent fines stemming from these devices? Let the fun begin...
  4. There've been rumblings about this happening (and the RTA were trialling the system on some of the motorways). The RTA even mentioned it on their website that they were trialling the system but were not issuing fines.

    Checking the RTA's site manually and with the 'search' function, I see no references at all to any point to point systems being "live" at the moment. In fact, no references to them even having trialled the systems.

    "Westlink Dismisses Hoax Email"

    I even found the page where the point-to-point camera trial used to live:

    Nothing to see here, kids, move along.
  5. Spots, I got the initial information from my boss.....who has just received an email in this regards...you may be right in the fact that it could have been a bogus email as suggested. I also have done some research and couldn't find anything in relation to substantiating the claims. If it is indeed the case I find it hard to believe that it wasn't broadcast on any media release?? If the info is wrong I apologise in advance :grin:
  6. I suspect there'll be a bit more official noise (and media content) if they do get introduced, yes. :)

    Even without the point-to-point system, I try to avoid speeding on the road. About once a month I use the M7 to reach Chatswood from Wollongong on friday nights, and nearly half of the time I'll see a police car with a handheld radar gun somewhere along the way.
  7. Sometimes I suspect emails like this get deliberately released as a means of secretly assessing public reaction.
  8. Just did some more digging on this info and it appears that the initial report was wrong....and there are no point to point cameras operating on NSW roads at this time. I profoundly apologise if I gave any rider a heart attack in the mean time :grin: :grin:
  9. Steve lol .. mate, that email was released the day the M7 opened :p

    The RTA had something about it being a hoax on their site for a while back there..
  10. Sorry but there are. But they only target heavy vehicles. Safe-T-Cam.
    They are situated on a number of major trucking routes.
  11. Ah, yes.

    I didn't mention Safe-T-Cam because, as you mentioned, it needs to be a pretty substantial-size vehicle to even register on the system (one of our work Holden Rodeo dualcabs would sometimes trip the camera system), and more to the point the Safe-T-Cam system is geared towards super-long-haul travel (typically interstate), unlike Victoria's Hume Highway 5km-interval cameras.
  12. I'm on the M5 everyday and I've yet too see any new camera's installed. So I highly doubt it is in use.
  13. ok so all you have to do is find out where the first camera is mounted,then situate yourself about 30 centimetres from the front bumper of a 30 tonne semi travelling at 100kph as you pass the camera and your plate will not be recorded....
    awesome idea!!!
  14. fcuk steve you had me going for a while there. if it was true my licence would have been toast ages ago.

    interloaper, or you just ride on the shoulder outside the white marks so you are not infact recorded as using the motorway.
    toll avoidance is a crime, but when i drive 140kms in a night to get paid 50 bucks, im fcuked if ill loose another 20 bucks in tolls.
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  16. i hate yooo!! :cry:

    u had me going man.. i was never gon take highway again lol