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[NSW] new p plater laws

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by idontlikemondays, May 29, 2007.

  1. well moris has done it again, further restraining another personal liberty.
    i dunno about everyone else but i got a letter in the mail today outlining further restrictions that are now relavant to me being a P1 rider.

    caught speeding means automatic 3 month suspension

    no hands free devices at all or any use of the mobil phone unless ignition is off (so i guess that means that once ive hit the kill switch i can coast down a hill in neutral and still use my mobile?)

    and a couple of other laws that apply to cagers

    personally i think the automatic 3 month suspension for ANY speeding is a bit over the top

    also, im a duty manager at work that often gets called in at short notice, or called for some other reason fairly frequenlty, so when riding i often do have my hands free headfones plugged in so i know when someone is calling me, ill still pull over to answer the call but. so if i do that now, ill automatically loose 3 points??? IMHO its another one of the labor govts bullshit initiative to make our roads safer, taking the revenue raising option instead of taking the better driver education and licence standards review option, which would inconviently cost them their precious money, and throw their budget into even further deficit.

    so i know there are a shitload of new riders and the olds and bolds on this forum, what are your thoughts??


    ATT: mods, i know this should probably be better in the laws and politics section, but seeing how these new laws apply so such a large % of registered netriders, and i assume alot of them wouldnt bother checking that section so thats why i posted it in the General discussion area.
  2. My advice: Move to Victoria :LOL:
  3. Question about the suspension, if you are a gold liscence driver, and a P1 rider, and you get done on the bike, what happens to your car lisence, is it suspened?

  4. @ Layto... if you're caught speeding on the bike, its loss of license of the bike, and points off your gold license for the car...

    Correct me if i'm wrong... that's my understanding of it (i just got done for rolling through a stop sign at >10 km/h with a full view down both sides of the street... 1 point left *cries*)
  5. The ACTUAL thing you did wrong was failing to check your mirrors for cops???
  6. The government in QLD is trying to create a law where you have to have 3 years on your car licence BEFORE you even get your bike learners.

    I signed the petition to stop this crappy law, I don't know what happened though.
  7. Well there seems to be some good and bad points in the new rules.

    Good points
    - Ban on mobiles. It pisses me off everytime i see people trying to drive with only one hand while distracted. I recon this should apply to ALL drivers. Though they should allow it if you have come to a complete stop like at traffic lights without having to turn the ignition off.
    -More supervised driving. It's good that they will need to have more practice before getting their P's. Should also have some driving in rain included since that's where alot of new drivers are inexperienced in.

    - 3 month suspension is a bit rough for the 1st time. Should maybe be something like and 2 weeks or a month suspension for the 1st offence, and then 3 months for the 2nd.

    -Passenger restrictions. This is a bit of an iffy one cause this will increase the chances of people drink driving since you won't be able to car pool, especially during those times. Also, if you get a group of young guys in a car, they will still do stupid shit, drunk or not.
  8. I agree with Swiss.
  9. so did they bring on ) zerop points on provisionsals? or do you still have points but for certain offences its a utomatic disqualification, i never voted for the scum bag thats all i know
  10. LMAO, James you might need to move that sticker to the inside of your visor just in case you forget to look down

    I think it sux Dom, might as well park the bike for the next 8 or so months :cry: or just take the plate off :eek: . Not that i intentionally break the law or anything but sometimes you can do 10kms over the limit without realising it, i dont think a 3 month ban is fair for that
  11. Thanks for the notification idontlikemondays

    I just got my P's on friday.

    The speeding penalty is very tough :eek:
    I will have to be careful

  12. lol russ are you telling us that you are using your P plate
  13. dont laugh james! i was seriously thinking of doing that, putting the P plate on the rear hugger of the storm, at least that way you'd only loose two points, but then your chances of getting caught are somewhat increased *ponders*. and any speeding caught on your p1s is a 4 point offence, you still have 4 points on your licence

    agreed that more time on l's isnt a bad idea at all. and out of my freinds who passed their first attempt at the ps car test. all of them had done closer to 100 hours and had some form of proffesional instruction. the govt is still completely ignorant of the fact that the car Ps test hasnt changed that much in almost 30 years.

  14. This comes in this July....not for 3 years tho, it's 1 year.....

    I'm amazed there has been so little commotion over it...typical apathetic motorcycle riders, I guess. :mad:
  15. LOL not at all i was talking about the other plate on the back of the bike
  16. The immediate suspension on -any- speeding can go cornhole itself :eek: :mad:

    Too funny that it doesn't apply to learners, maybe I'll cancel Thursday's Ps course and keep riding around the suburbs at 158 billion km/h on my baby-killing 250 with an L-plate on the back :rofl:

    Seriously, when I speed it's to keep away from cars, and I'll keep doing that :? How about cracking down harder on drink drivers and riders instead?

    12 months for learner drivers is hilarious, why do the authorities think that more time improves safety? How about optional paid skills training and education to improve younger rider and driver attitude to progress instead? Meh. Just ban things and they go away, right? :p

    In other news, Yakka moves to Queensland :roll:
  17. gps

    That gps tracker to stop cars speeding will never come in as the Govt would lose the funding from speed fines etc.
    and thats a fact :grin:
  18. Hmm I think it would be worthwhile having a pre-learners course for a car in the same way they have it for a bike. And when you go for your Ps you should have that advanced bit of training before you do the test in the afternoon. System is already in place for riders, so they'd just have to spring up alot more training centres and bobs your uncle.

    I didn't get that letter in the mail.. weird! I'm going to be on car greens as soon as I can be bothered going down to the rta, but I'm on the bike Ps.. So if I was caught speeding would I lose my license? Would I even lose 4 points automatically since I'm on green Ps as a higher license? Confusing!
  19. Ouch that sucks

    Atleast in vic if your fully licensed with yah car license you dont need to go with that bullshit probationary period on yah bike also

    Although they still sting you with 12 months on Restrictions which I think is fair to a point. Although it should be Power to wheight, not 260cc and below.

    theres 250cc's out there thatl cook alot of the old 600cc's :p