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[NSW] New P and L plate laws from July 1st

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by dr650, Jun 29, 2005.

  1. Fail to display L plate : $175.00 and 2 demerit points

    Fail to show P plate : $175.00 and 2 demerit points

    Ride bike above 150 kw (1st offence) 375.00 and 2 demerit points

    Ride bike above 150 kw (2nd offence) 575.00 and 2 demerit points

    Few of my mates will have to be real cautious now :)
  2. how many points does one get on their L's and P's again?
  3. i believe its zero for l's and 4 points for p's
  4. So, if you get done for not wearing your L's you lose your bike licence, and get 2 points removed from your car licence (if you have one)?
  5. Interesting, considering L and P plates are considered unneccessary in QLD...

    What are the community's views on these colourful pieces of plastic?

    Important pieces of safety equipment or excuses for pleece farce harrassment of 2fiddies?
  6. not a lot to do with L's and P's but according to the RTA website, if you get caught with 4 or more unhelmeted passengers, you lose 9 points and cop a $1214 fine and each passenger cops a $243 fine... :LOL:
  7. For points on your L's, it's up to the discretionary powers of the RTA if you lose your license.

    On my bike L's, I got a speeding fine for under 10km over the limit. They decided not to remove my licesnse as it was a low speed offense.

    Otherwise the way it works, both licenses get suspended if you breach 12 total. That's if your on your opens on both.
  8. 150kW bike? Damn, so a K5 GSXR-1000 is fine on your Ls?
  9. Josh, tell me you didn't mean that.

    "4 or more unhelmeted passengers"

    What, all at once????

    Seriously, in the Phillipines it's nothing to see tiny little 100's with 5 or 6 people on them, plus produce, plus a pig or two (real, oink-type pigs) It's very funny to watch. HEAPS of clutch slip to get 'em off the line.
  10. Heh, I wish :) It's 150kW per tonne. So the might K5 won't make it, but my little 1988 XT250 does.

  11. haaaahahaaha... that must suck. where did you get this info? losing 2 demerit points and a $175 fine seems a bit much for not displaying an L plate? same with all of those
  12. Strange how it doesn't mention pillions while showing either plate. What is the penalty for that again?
  13. Whats the fine/ demerit points in Victoria for not having your L or P's displayed?
  14. This is just another prime example of the RTA making what is already and daunting, scary and stressful learning curve for L and P plate riders even more stressful and difficult. The same thing is happening with P plate drivers. yes i know there are some dickheads out there that and this law will get rid of them but it's just the RTA and Governments method of easiest way out coming shining through again.

    In the Governments eyes: "Let's not offer advanced driver or defensive driver training at reduced costs. Let's not make the P's test more thorough and in depth. No let's just not let them drive fast or powerful cars, yeah that's it. Let's restrict them to puzz boxes. That way all those hoons will get no experience and so frustrated that as soon as there off there P's they'll all rush out, buy big powerful cars and let all the frustration out in one hit"

    IMHO it's no different for riders. Sure it's great that i can have 15 months experience on a bike riding 2 days a week then go purchase a K5 GSXR1000 and do 0-100 in 3.3 secs and 250+km/h. Some people have the experience and ability to do so but 95% of riders out there don't. Many have sense and upgrade to a 600 (be it sports, touring or commuting) and keep the nice steady learning curve going. However many do not and get themselves and others, in trouble, hurt or even worse killed.

    What needs to happen is either an much easier pathway for advanced learning or a much more stepped system which allows the learning curve to be a steady, smoother, safer one for all involved. Sure some people are get frustrated if they feel they can handle the big guns straight up but i think that this small majority can have the patience to benefit the rest of us.

    /end rant

    P.S. if you disagree with me don't slag me on this thread, PM me. However if you want to post your own opinion go ahead.
  15. Night Rider,
    I agree entirely, had an arguement with some people from work the other day about the same thing, one of them said that you shouldn't be able to drive a moded car or a v8 until you are 25. he's only thirty??? WTF!!!

    I'm just glad that queensland doesn't have those rules, if i were down there i'd go up here to get my license so when i want a nice car that goes alright (suggested i wanted this instead of a go kart with a jet engine) i can. and am not stuck with a peice of shit because anything decent costs too much.

    there bringing in tomorrow that you have to have your learners for 1 year now instead of 6 months. WHAT A CROCK OF SHIT. i have my P's and that still means a lot to me. how is that going to help in any way.

    I had a hard tester when i did my driving test and i past, one month later and a couple of thousand k's i really couldn't believe i got a license cause not so much my driving skills, just my knowledge of peoples reactions and STUPIDITY along with not paying enough attention. i've been driving things since i was little so i believe my skill driving a car is ok...

    I'm gonna stop before my head explodes... but yeah i'm with you.

    edit: most of my mates SHOULD NOT be on the road... it is funny watching them from a safe distance tho.

    actually i touched the back of a mates car because of a mates driving... not looking out for him any more. let him crash into me, he's got insurance...
  16. There currently is only a ~$130 fine and no demerits for not displaying an L plate... but for not displaying a P plate i believe the fine is much steeper, and there are a couple of demerit points (3 from memory) for good measure.
  17. Hey wait a minute according to your remarks in relation to the Kilowatchamacallet, you should be able to ride any motrcycle in the country on Ls or Ps because isn't a kilowatcha equal to 1.34 horse power
  18. It's not just any bike with more than 150KW. It is any bike with power to weight ratio of more than 150KW/Tonne.

  19. kind of OT but it just gets more ludicrous:

    Cl 96A(2) Ride bicycle furiously 1 $50 :LOL: :|
  20. r u serious? :shock: