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[NSW] New noise regulations [omg! is ur Yoshi legal, bro?!]

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by Ktulu, Feb 22, 2008.

  1. Just got an e-mail presumably in response to some "Piss-off! Let us keep our aftermarket exhausts, ya wankers!" email I shot off at someone with a bigger office than mine.

    Here's the overview:


    The 2 relevant PDF's are here:


    Basically: noise tests will be while the vehicle is moving [a 'drive-by' test].
    Maximum allowable dBa levels are about 2-3 lower than before.
    Motorcycles are exempted from requiring baffles to be 'securely rivetted or welded' as long as it's as it was manufactured [ie. if it comes with bolts, that's ok].
    But if you want to run around without baffles then put them back in to get a defect notice removed, you might have to prove a case.

    Police persons' own 'opinion' that something is noisy enough to deserve a defect must now be "reasonable".
    The difference between a reasoonable and an unreasonable opinion is undefined... so that bit's probably just lip-service to make it seem like our rego isn't at the whim of whether an officer likes our vehicle or not.

    This is off my quick read-through at work, so by all means read the docs for yourself and check 'em out for how they might affect you. Time frame is for phasing of these conditions over the next 2 years.
  2. I've said it before: my next bike will have a stock exhaust. Loud ones draw all the wrong sorts of attention and I'm more than able to look after myself if blind cagers can't see me.

    Bit of a threadjack... Carry on then.
  3. My bike's exhaust is stock, and while I love the sound of an aftermarket pipe, I can't be bothered to justify the cost... seeing as it adds nothing to resale value and you're better off adjusting your insurance and writing it off.

    But I do know some people like their loud 'safety pipes', which I think is good too, and they should be aware of these sorts of things.
  4. One way around it is to register your bike in another state. It has all sorts of benefits.
  5. Eh. Pipe on my bike transforms it, and increases the fun and smile on my face by a factor of 10. If I get done for it, so be it - I'll put the stocky back on for the test then put it back on. Its not 'arrest me loud', and I'm considerate at late hours of the night.
  6. im already cool enough, i dont need a yoshicronpovic tri-oval titanium-fiber exhaust....that would tip the coolness to an unacceptable level.
    when i want to make stupid noise, i ride a harley ;)
  7. my bike already sees me arriving at work with ringing ears
    still stockers
    though those jimmy lomas twin-pipe 2S exhausts would look SWEET on the little prilla.

    carbon fibre gp style?
    or stock pipe and a clear conscience?

    actually do up a learner bike?
    or at least have my ears ringing in style?
  8. I also sent off a reply. I am disgusted with email saying that

    Does that mean more wowers said that "loud" muffler pipes are "annoying", etc. I argued that loud muffler pipes are essential for the safety of us riders. Cagers do not see us, at least they might hear us.

    How about spending money on driver education rather than demonising biker riders?

    I never rode my bike with a stock standard pipe. They told me it was quiet with a stock standard pipe. It was replaced by a Staintune before I rode it out of the shop. Even with the baffle out, I still find it quiet as a mouse eating cheese. My next bike's muffler pipe must be way louder than what I have now. I think my bike is way below the 72dB limit they proposed. Especially when I wear my earplugs. (Can't understand why some of my friends think my bike is loud - wait until I get my next bike.)

    I hope my next muffler pipe, on my next bigger bike makes it over the 80dB or 85dB limit. Hopefully more, the louder the better.

    As a previously bad cager, I 'hear' bikes first, then I check the mirrors, etc and look out for them. Push bikes and scooters, I find harder to see. That means I always look out for two wheel vehicles on the road, regardless whether it is a push bike, scooter or a quiet motorcycle.
  9. These changes may have an impact on some local muffler manufacturers like Staintune. Not just for bikes but also for the bigger market like cars. Even importers would feel the pinch. Maybe I am wrong. Hopefully I am wrong for their sake.

    If I worked for Staintune, I would resent losing my job because of these proposals. It should be illegal to have quiet stock standard pipes. Stock Standard pipes should be made loud.
  10. Personally, I think the regulations are pretty sensible.

    *Really* loud vehicles do a really good job of irritating thousands of people at a time. So as not to start a pointless flame war, I won't say that they're ridden by people of low intelligence who can't ride very well. But, as Loz pointed out, a skilled rider shouldn't need to rely on "loud pipes" - they are able to use their own judgement and ability to remain safe, and can always toot if they need to be heard.

    However, my letter to the EPA asked for them to make the distinction between "reasonably loud" exhausts and those that are inconsiderately, excessively loud - without any reference to arbitrary conditions like manufacturer stickers or whether it's a "stocker" or not. I did also make the point that they are considered by some to be a safety device, and that legislation could have an impact on accident or fatality rates which they must consider.

    I can't comment on the specific db limit allowed (i just don't know how "loud" that is off the top of my head), but it seems to me drive-by tests with a max db limit is the best way to legislate.

    We get to be 6db louder than cars (80 vs 74 db).

    The provision that police opinion must be reasonable is, if a little toothless, at least a gesture in the right direction -- and really, what can the EPA do to legislate around potentially unreasonable law enforcement?

    And they politely let us use exhaust systems with removable baffles, as long as we respect their gentlemen's agreement not to remove them just to pass the noise test.

  11. i put the silencer back in my staintune for my P's test tomorrow, went out for a practise run and thought 'where did the torque go??

    if i get any attention for the noise then i'll start using the silencer but so far it's been fine and helped people hear you coming or know you're next to them when commuting
  12. Unfortunately, not many people bothered to respond when the draft proposals were put forward. There was a lot of noise here about it, and lots of chest beating about kicking up a stink both here and elsewhere, but only 227 submissions were received..... two of which were Ktulu's and mine......
    So you can whine all you want, the legislation is passed and it will be in effect next week.
    Blame yourself and the supposed motorcycle action groups for general apathy and ineffectiveness.
    That is all.

    Regards, Andrew.
  13. I did respond. Otherwise why would they email me back their "recommendations". I also responded again after receiving their email just last Friday. So they have at least two responses from me. I am very sure that I sent them two or more emails during the initial period.

    The other question I forgot to ask is why only 227 people responded. I hoped that most of them would have been bike riders like us. Yet, the email I got back from them is that they are "pleased" to recommend the opposite of what we were asking for. I doubt if most of the 227 respondents were old grannies who hated motorbikes. They are less likely to have access to the internet than us bike riders. Not only this forum but other forums too asked bike riders to respond. I can't believe it's only 227. Maybe they received a number of written submissions??? I'm not sure. I am very sure that the majority of bike riders asked for the freedom to put on whatever muffler pipe we need. We all would have argued our point on the basis of safety and cager's lack of awareness. I know I did.
  14. :roll: Yes, the government has no track record of subverting the legislative and executive. And is free from a series of hidden agendas.

    It would not have made a shitte of difference how many submissions were lodged. There are ways to bury competing opinions and studies through playing bureaucratic games until one runs out of steam or time.

    This is another of those ‘soft’ indirect targets they choose to pursue, when combined with other elements of change over time will bring down a brick wall of change.
  15. Re: [NSW] New noise regulations [omg! is ur Yoshi legal, bro

    Reasonable is a very real term in the legal system. A cop would have to have some argument.

    "I thought it sounded loud" wouldn't be considered reasonable.

    "I couldn't here my fellow officer talk to me, when the bike was idling" would be considered reasonable.
  16. FYI: MA has also introduced lower dB limits for racetracks. Lots of the current aftermarket pipes will not cut it.

    Nothing but stock pipes for me.
  17. This has been around for a while. PI runs are capped at 95db.
  18. Actually guys, there is a bit of a victory here.

    "The new level for cars is 74 dB(A), down from 77 dB(A). The level for motorcycles over 250 cc is 80 dB(A), a reduction of 2 dB(A)."

    6 dB(A) is a very noticeable difference.
  19. Unless this new test is more forgiving than current. Many bikes with stock exahust are going to be technically illegal.

    Current R1 with stock pipes is 92db (stationary) @ 5000 RPM.
    It is however 84db at idle.

    So moving, it can't be less than 84db.
  20. JL's are hot i wanted them but apparently the single cans give better performance

    the TYGA pipes are apparantly pretty good.

    but arrow ftw