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[NSW] - New Member, New Rider, NEWcastle :)

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by Pom80y, May 28, 2008.

  1. Hi all,

    Long time reader, thought it was about time I signed up and introduced myself.

    From the Newcastle area, did my L's with a mate, so we are both looking for riders around this way.

    Am still looking for a Learner bike, so if you know of anyone selling one in NSW for less than 4k please let me know :grin:

    Thanks to everyone for all the advice and information on here, I have found it most useful.
  2. Forgot to mention,

    Have come from performance cars to bikes. A mate of mine a a GSXR600, and I constantly gave him stick about bikes.

    And then I rode a CBR250RR and now I have my L's.

    I understand its not quite a 600, but Mr Rudd says you have to start somewhere :grin:
  3. Welcome to Netrider!!

    the bikes for sale section could help you find your ride....

    ride safe..... :applause: :applause:
  4. Welcome to another novacastrian :).

    Check you local dealers for 250s as well; plenty of people upgrade and trade-in their 250s.

    or, how's this?? (from another forum, in Wollongong)


    Up for grabs is the only bike i have left registered. I have some bills to pay and i can catch a train to work or borrow my mates bike.

    So this is what I've been riding. It's not pretty with different coloured panels everywhere, but it rides really well.

    It would make a great project bike or a first bike. If your handy with repairing and painting give it a paint job your self.

    All the panels have been repaired, but they need some bog work done to finish it off. I repaired the panels myself about 6 months ago and they haven't cracked.

    Here's the good bits

    -Motor runs really well and starts first time without choke or no throttle. I just press the button even at 4am in the morning.
    -Carbies have been cleaned, new o-rings, balanced and it also has new boots.
    -Brand new thermostat and coolant
    -Brand new tinted screen and fiberglass nose cone
    -Good BT45 tyres front and back
    -This bike goes very hard for a MC19...
    -New battery and all electricals tested.
    -Fuel pump is good and works.
    -Frame and the swing arm are polished.
    -The tank has been cleaned, flushed and sealed.

    Bad bits

    -It's ugly to look at. I mean the bike looks like you rode it from the wrecking yard.
    -Did i mention the bike is ugly?
    -May need a new chain soon as the standard non o-ring chain stretches like nothing else.(I may have a good second hand o-ring chain)
    -Needs a few nuts and bolts for the fairings.I'll throw in a bolt kit with the sale.


    Vin Number 6d91mportshrh0175
    Engine number MC14E1106807
    Rego expired 13/12/08

    I can supply a phone number if you wish to pursue this.
  5. Welcome mate.

    Nice to see another local on here. You shouldn't find too much trouble getting yourself a decent and inexpensive set of wheels at this time of the year - you could do worse than getting onto the Trading Post online for a start.

    There's a few riders from the area on NR so you should be able to get some help if you require it. Looking forward to seeing you on some of the rides that we keep promising we'll organise :oops:
  6. New Member, New Rider, Newcastle


    Welcome to Netrider and bikes.

    I love to hear that another Novacastrian has taken the leap.

    I recently relocated to Victoria from Newcastle (born and bred) and have noticed a few Newcastle Netriders, check on the ride/event planner a few weeks ago there was a forum on there to organise a rider.

    As for bikes go in and see Fletch who owns Newcastle Motorcycle Wholesalers at Lang St Broadmeadow, if he doesn't have something he travels all over NSW and goes to QLD and VIC to find bikes. Tell him what you want and he might be able to find it for you. I have bought 3 bikes through him and had no trouble. He also sells accessories at very reasonable prices.

    If you get really stuck for someone to ride with go and see Troy at Waratah Tyre service and tell him I sent you, he and a few of my other friends don't need much of an excuse to ride.

    Stay safe.

  7. Hi Pom80y. I live a bit further inland, but get down to Newie a fair bit. Good luck with the bike search and I hope to see you around. :)
  8. Welcome to NR !!!!
  9. @hornet600...

    Can you please PM me more details such as price and kms...

    Currently on holidays in the UK but back next week so may be interested....