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NSW - New laws for drivers passing cyclists

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by BugzR34, Feb 26, 2016.

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    Just thought I would give a heads up about a new law coming into effect on 1st of March which allows drivers to overtake cyclists across unbroken lines to maintain the 1.5m passing rule.
    Not an issue on multi lane roads but might see more head on car crashes on single lane country roads.
    Especially those popular with cyclists.
    I know Sydney guys need to take care on Nasho and Old Road.

    I enjoy an ocassional cycle outing as well but think this rule can be misinterpreted by some drivers .

    Link to article: New NSW cycling fines and metre passing laws: what you need to know for March 1 | smh.com.au
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  2. Reminds me of a FB post I saw regarding overtaking cyclists. The person said that cyclists where dangerous, because she was forced to overtake them on the wrong side of the road on suburban streets.... Sadly this is actually common. It happens so often, a car will overtake me in an unsafe manner, only to be met with traffic lights and a que of cars. It's amazing how short sighted drivers really are.
  3. I hadn't realised it wasn't actually law until March first.

    On Monday or Tuesday (when you are retired, all the days look the same) for some reason, I was driving the wife's car up to Pie in the Sky.

    A police car slipped in behind me as I turned off the M1 access road, to go down the old road.

    OK, I saw him, and I was careful about speed limits.

    Then I came upon 3 or 4 pushbike riders, in the wiggly bits before Cowan.

    I slowed right down, and waited for a bit of road with some reasonable visibility, signaled, pulled out over the double line, accelerated and passed the pushies.

    Going though Cowan, I could see that the cop, presumably, had done the same.

    (Either that or he had run over the top of the pushies.)

    Anyhow, pottered on up to Pie, seriously expecting the cop car to follow me in and give me, at least, a lecture, but, no he just kept on going.

    Just goes to show that at least some police are reasonable people.
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  4. I see people do this when approaching crests already. terrifying.
  5. Been law in Qld for a while now. No real issues, but you do need to be aware of vehicles that may be on your side of the road when passing cyclists. What I do find annoying is large groups of cyclists who block a whole lane and don't move over for anyone.