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[NSW] - New high-tech number plates to reveal dodgy drivers

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by dcsrhat, Sep 18, 2009.

  1. http://www.theaustralian.news.com.au/story/0,25197,26086819-5006784,00.html

    Improve road-safety or another avenue for revenue raising? Perhaps a little from column A and a lot from column B?

  2. So if there were 12 unregistered vehicles involved in fatal accidents in the 12 month period mentioned they could have prevented maybe 1 of the deaths in August if they utilised this technology. That is assuming the unregistered car involved was detected.
    Maybe they should explore more effective avenues, or does someone in the government have ties to the company that produces this equipment.

    And how would detecting an uninsured vehicle prevent a death?.
  3. i heard something about infra-red.

    will it still be able to function when your licence plate is fitted with those little tie-string plate-warmers you get free with your helmet...?
  4. So if you're unlicensed ensure you travel at 181km/hr. That should save lives.
  5. Insurance or registration status has nothing to do with a driver's ability behind the wheel.

    It won't change the road toll... just like nothing the government has done since mandating seat-belts has changed the road toll.

    But it might recover some stolen vehicles.
  6. what difference does it make if you are insured or unsinsured, from memory that only comes into effect after the accident :roll:
  7. This country is going down the shit chute really quickly. The amount of "big brother" creeping into our society today is frightening.
  8. Re: [NSW] - New high-tech number plates to reveal dodgy driv

    if one life is saved per month that must be a good thing - but this isn't exactly going to halve the road toll is it, even from the governments own statistics
  9. They've had this in the ACT for a while and I'm all for it. Detecting un-registered/stolen cars can only be a good thing.
  10. I have to say that this is one technology I'm in favor of.

    There's are few things more ARRRGGGGHHHH than having your bike (or your car) run into by some uninsured low life in an unregistered car.

    The more unregistered vehicles this takes off the road the better as far as I'm concerned.
  11. Same here in Vic.

    If you cant afford to pay rego or TAC then you obviously cant afford insurance either so getting these vehicles off the road is not a bad thing and other than the usual civil liberterians bleatings I cant see why anyone would have a problem with this (unless of course you are driving/rider unregistered or unlicenced).
  12. Actually, yes there is. Trying to recover some $$ from the turd driving the car.
    They are (usually) under 25, unlicenced or P platers, broke and unemployed...(or similar).
  13. Finally the government does something SENSIBLE.

    I really support this scheme, if your vehicle isn't registered you shouldn't be on the road (other than taking the most direct route to inspection station or rta of course, as in this circumstances you actually are covered in terms of insurance, obviously need to be able to prove it though eg. calling ahead).

    I'd say many of the people who do runners from accident scenes are unlicensed/uninsured/unregistered. Often on drugs/drunk too.

    I do forsee the rate of plate stealing going up with this though :(.

    edit: Having thought about the possibilities for abuse.. difficult issue.
  14. For those who support this - think a bit harder how this will be used in the future.
  15. this system will also let them know if the owner of the car is disqualified license holder....which i am not a fan off considering how easy it is to lose your license now.....
  16. Gotta agree with you there Vic. This is getting worse.:( :(

    Have heard a rumour that our mate Scruby is linked to ex cop Ray Shuey - who is linked to the manufacturer of this technology.

    AMC is chasing it down I believe.....
  17. Golly, that'll take a lot of sleuthing to unravel. Or about ten seconds on Google.

    According to the Pedestrian Council of Australia's website, Mr Shuey's one of their Directors. Mr Scruby is Chairman/CEO.

    Mr Shuey is currently a director of a consultancy called Strategic Safety Solutions.
    Mr Warren Mitchell is a Senior Training Coordinator for Strategic Safety Solutions, running a range of training programs. SSS's website refers to Tenix Solutions (among quite a few others) as a participating company.

    In 2004, the Yearbook of the Australasian College of Road Safety contained a paper by Mr Shuey, who was described as "Road Safety Adviser, TENIX Solutions, Former Assistant Commissioner, Victoria Police". It is unclear whether he continues in this capacity.

    Tenix Solutions operates speed cameras and red light cameras in Victoria.
  18. +1
    get em off the road.
  19. i'm all for this to track down thieves etc as well.

    To all those worried about spooks etc using for the wrong reasons, the technology has been around for many, many years now in other countries in full time use, especially britain.
  20. I have been known to destroy the odd brain cell or two, and sometimes their my own. But, does anyone recall this technology originally being designed for use by parking inspectors. I'm sure it was to give them the ability to sit the equipment in the vehicle and they could just drive around and issue fines without having to get out of the car. It can scan ( I think) 100's of vehicles per minute.

    I could be mistaken though and I couldn't imagine any Council in NSW looking for revenue raising ideas.

    Now where did I put my beer?