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[NSW] netrider seeking membership Motorcycle Council of NSW

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by Toecutter, May 9, 2008.

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  1. Having attended the last few meetings of the above, am pretty impressed with their efforts on behalf of motorcyclists, not only in NSW, but also feeding information through to the Federal level as well in conjunction with other state bodies.

    The MCC have open meetings, but to join as a member, you need to be a representative of a recognised motorcycle club. With netrider having thousands of members, the potential to spread the message via electronics means is not only quick, but also easily able to be discussed.

    Each club gets two member seats, and the process for application is as follows;

    1 - seek approval from the club - of which Vic has confirmed, and that overall membership is happy for a voice on the MCC
    2 - seek applications for representaion
    3 - hold a vote should there be more than two nominated persons (unless say three in total nominated themselves, am sure a roster could be worked out to cover for the odd absence).
    4 - apply to MCC for membership

    So the purpose of this thread is two fold;

    1 - advise that "yes" they'd like netrider to join MCC
    2 - and to nominate for a position as representative.

    The meetings are held at Ryde ex-Services Club at Victoria Rd on first Monday of each month from 7.30 to about 9.30pm and obviously making time to attending these is a requirement.

    So we keep this post going for one week, and then if necessary another separate thread where private voting can take place via PM (will also need a volunteer to scrutineer) for a further week.

    MCC website for those interested - http://www.mccofnsw.org.au/
  2. (1) Yes,
    (2) I have no idea who to suggest! :)
  3. Yes and I vote for Ktulu! :LOL:
  4. Is Netrider a registered club?
  5. Doesn't matter to MCC

    They're happy for the message to be spread by whatever means possible
  6. Given that this is for a seat on the NSW MCC, this would be a NSW NR "chapter" thing. An open thread might not achieve the your aims Toecutter, but should help to gauge the interest.

    Does it need to be forum member or actual NR member?

    Here's my suggestion, you'll need ADMIN help, but I suggest emailing all NSW NR (forum?/NR?)members and linking them to a (yes/no) poll thread. Then in that thread a member could wish to nominate or nominate someone for the council. Anyone nominated should be PM'd to ascertain whether they're happy to accept the nomination. Vote as required using similar method.

    Whaddya think?
  7. 1. Yes
    2. Toecutter
  8. I can't figure out whether I'm too angry to do a good job, or angry enough to do a great job...
  9. I've asked Vic to sticky this where it is.

    The NSW section of netrider is "ride and event planner", and ultimately be nice to have an area for NSW MCC somewhere within the Forum, but happy with just a sticky for "continuing issues and updates", to be moderated so no off topic.

    Good question.

    As netrider membership is paid once as an upfront, if someone wanted to represent netrider, compared to the time you will be devoting to this, $10 is irrelevant.

    Or are you querying can non-members vote?

    This is just in its infancy at the moment - only two answers required;

    1 - "yes" or "no"
    2 - "don't know" or "name"

    How do you know who the NSW netrider members are? Not all members place their state, or have suburbs/areas within that state.

    Think this is still the appropriate place to nominate. If someone hasn't accepted their nomination, be happy to PM them to see if interested.

    Poll for voting - there is no trace of who votes for who, someone could register 20 different forum names to post poll votes. At least by having to PM votes, they need a minimum number of posts so have made a contribution.
  10. 1. Yes
    2. Alex and ktulu already nominated who else... very much depends on who WANTS to do it.

  11. We employ an OPEN membership therefore we don't have voting rights and non-voting rights.

    Every registered user is a voter whether they shelled out $10 for a discount/membership card or not.
  12. Toecutter, you make some good points. I was wondering whether this idea was a NSW members only idea - but you're right, not everyone puts down their location.

    Well in that case,

    1. Yes
    2. Buggered if I know - I'm in Vic... Ktulu? Hornet600? Tweet?
  13. 1. yes
    2. Tex, if he isn't already a member.
  14. Hello

    1/ Yes
    2/ Klutu, Toecutter and any one else interested in this.

    (Based on activity on these forums and the interest they show overall :) )
    We do need to make sure that whoever is chosen does want to do it and has the ablility to attend though. :)
  15. Yep, i agree.
  16. :rofl:

    I can see how that would go.

    "you're all fkn c@#s!" :LOL: :LOL:
  17. Thanx Caz, no I am not a member of the mcc, yes, I would be interested and no, I wouldn't be backwards in coming forward :LOL: .

    1. Yes

    2. ok, me.

    Tex & Bundy
  18. 1. Yes
    2. Tex because he'd do it well and Toecutter because he's obviously pretty invested in the process.
  19. Thanks for the replies to date

    And also accept the nomination.

    I've PM'd the others mentioned in the thread, to reply here and confirm.

    There is still till Friday to nominate someone
  20. Alex, thanks for the PM, and Rob must have been tanked trowing my name up there....

    Phiz has got it right, The MCC is no place for a bloke like me.
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