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(NSW) Needing Travel Advice, Please Help!

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by lowercase, Dec 29, 2007.

  1. Okay - With my new job, I'll be riding into work each day...
    I live in Dural, and shall be working in Alexandria.
    I'm wondering which is better in peak hour traffic - the Harbour Bridge or the Gladesville Bridge??
    In the mornings I'd be travelling over one of the bridges at roughly 8am or just after, and at night, I leave work at roughly 5pm.

    I have just on one week and a day to work this out lol.
    I just need to know the best way to travel so I am never late and can save time so I can get home earlier...

  2. Move to Rosebery ......
  3. I don't want to move until the end of the year :(
    I live with my dad - do not pay rent, bills, food, anything. He said that he wants me to save everything basically whilst I am here and he will support me financially...
  4. I was kinda joking, but having done lots of long-distance and grinding travel for work over the last 16 or 17 years I can say that nothing beats not having to do it!!!

    Unfortunately with Sydney's road having maxed out around 15-20 years ago, whichever route you take, at almost any hour of the day or night, is going to be crowded and full of angry people doing much the same as you are doing.

    Can you tele-commute with this job??
  5. Cannot tele-commute.. Nopes. I am receptionist. Gotta be there every step of the way. I don't mind the travel, I just want to travel the route that isn't AS bad...

    My other option was just to leave at 6, get there before 7, and go to centennial park for an hour and a bit :)
  6. In my humble opinion, I'd be going the bridge route, using the lane cove tunnel then eastern distributer. Expensive but fast and you can make use of transit lanes.

    Check out www.whereis.com too. Great site.
  7. How much does the eastern distributor and lane cove tunnel cost??
    I don't want to be spending more than $30 a week with my e-tag that I don't yet have... (getting one this week lol)

    EDIT: typos
  8. If you're going to commute in and out of Sydney, you can expect to either spend a fortune on your tag or spend hours in angry traffic. It's the new Sydney. No other choices.
  9. Sydney sucks.. And not just for those reasons....
  10. stop ya whinging, its only 3 bucks and thats for the bridge. i live in hornsby, and commute to uni in kensington everyday. i go, hornsby-pacific hwy, fox valley rd OR kissing point rd. comenara pky, yanko rd, onto ryde road. from there onto epping rd, gore hill fwy, bridge (buslanes) then into the airport tunnel (no toll south bound, but $4.40 north bound, hence i will battle through the city for heading home), exit at randwick, down anzac parade and you would need to turn right at allison rd. it takes me about an hour. although it will be interesting now that cunning stunt iemmas LCT closure of epping rd will now take effect. the toll on the LCT btw is $2.59 (third price rise since opening and will likely rise again)
    any way to get across the harbour will be a phuck fight. victoria rd is heaps worse, and unless you want to pay for the CCT you have now option but to battle throught the CBD.
    i dunno about you but at least i feel like im away from the city when i go home at a night, shit tins better than living in the inner west imo.

    oh another peice of friendly advice, unless you think your travelling expenses will exceed 150 bucks a week (the cost of rent alone in a share house if you are lucky in the area you are talking about, then add bills, food etc etc etc etc etc, trust me it keeps on going) you are definately better off staying at home, unless time is that precious to you. still when i used to live in dulwich hill it still took me 40 mins to commute to and from uni in peak hour.
  11. Hey lowercase how are you?? Personally I would go the ED and the Harbour tunnel. BUT If you want to save on tolls, as you get used to the area, youcould say go down penno road, get on to beecroft rd then epping rd, onto centennial drive (victoria rd) then go RIGHT at the gladesville bridge then hard left and go through annandale, enmore, into alexandria... wouldn't suggest it in a car... but on a lane splittin bike it would be quick.. i reckon 40 - 50mins tops
  12. Give me a home amongst the gum trees,
    with lots of plum trees, a sheep or two, a ka-kangaroo.
    A clothes line out the back, verandah out the front,
    and an old rocking chair.

    :p :p :p :p
  13. An hour from hornsby?? And why are you taking the long way around :rofl:
    And I live in Glenorie, on 11 acres of bush.. Completely different to the city, and when I get to about Cherrybrook or Round Corner / Dural, I am very very very happy!!!
    And if I was to move there, it wouldn't be for another year or two!!!!
  14. If you decide to use the harbour bridge you should get a sydney harbour periodic pass. About $90 per quarter and go accross as many times as you want/need.

  15. i take the long way round because the pacific hwy is a car park from wahroonga all the down to lane cove. and i can easily split down ryde and epping road. it takes me between 15 to 20 minutes to get to glenorie from my joint, depending on how clear the run through galston is.
    an hour is what i give it, although i generally do the run in 40-50 minutes. it becomes an hour when the airport tunnel turns to shit. off peak, yeah the pac hwy is much quicker.
  16. Where do I get that from?

    And I wouldn't be going through Hornsby, I'd go Newline Road, Pennant Hills, Beecroft, Epping Road, Over the Bridge and on to work...
  17. Where do I get it from????????