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NSW Need help with Riding Routes

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' at netrider.net.au started by jslim1008, Jun 22, 2016.

  1. So it seems there are "textbook" routes in NSW rides like the Putty Road, Old Pac, and Nasho runs.
    Can anyone be very kind enough to maybe provide me with a google map route for Putty Road route and a very good routes down South near Bulli and the National Park? :)

  2. Bugger, I was going to tell you about all the good rides around Southern NSW/Snowies and NE Vic.

    Instead I'll suggest you find a map, I prefer old paper maps myself, and go exploring. Basic rule of thumb is the twister the line on the map the more fun the road is likely to be.
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  4. Please do, definitely interested in the Snowy areas.. I was thinking Mt. Kosciuszko national park..
  5. Left at Windsor= Bells Line of Rd. Right as Windsor = Putty Rd. Turn left at Loftus Oval = Nasho. There is snow on The Snowys so that's problematic. Anything else is to technical for me
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  6. Sometime it's fun to have a few destinations in mind and just head off and wing it ;)
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  8. I really envy you doing this for the first time. Its so rare I ride a new road.
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  10. lol, i thought it's about time i do some mountain rides.
  11. I'd give that a miss until after the snow season is done, that is unless you like riding in the snow and on ice.

    Basically there isn't a bad ride in and around the snowy mountains/south west slopes. Some of my favourites, in no particular order, are:

    Wagga-Gundagai via Oura Rd.
    Gundagai to Tumut - via Brungle road or via Darbalara Rd
    Tumut to Adaminaby via Snowy Mtns Hwy
    Tumut to Tumbarumba via either Batlow/Tumba Rd or Old Tumba Rd or Green Hills rd/Broadleaf Park rd
    Tumut to Cabramurra
    Tumbarumba to Cabramurra
    Cabramurra to Khancoban
    Tumbarumba to Khancoban
    Khancoban to Jindabyne
    Jindabyne to Bombala
    Bombala to Merimbula
    Adaminaby to Tathra (Snowy Mtns Hwy)
    Bombala to Orbost (the legendary Bonang)
    Tumbarumba to Jingellic
    Jingellic to Albury
    Jingellic to Tallangatta via the magnificent Granya Gap
    Tallangatta to Mt Beauty via Redbank Rd

    That's probably enough to whet your appetite.
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  13. The only thing I'll say about the Australian Motorcycle Atlas is that its a bit old. He rates the Wagga-Gundagai via Nangus in the top 200. It's one of the worst roads in the area. But it's more fun than the Sturt and Hume highways.
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