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[NSW] Need best route: west > north

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by J4YGR4Y, Oct 18, 2007.

  1. hey guys and gal's

    i recently got my bike and i have also just got a new job in mosman, i need to know the best way to get from, Abbot Rd Seven Hills to military rd mosman

    currently my only options are:

    • m2 4.40
      lct 2.58
      falcon st exit 1.60

    id prefer (not to be a tight ass) to do it the cheapest way possible, in saying that if paying a certain toll will save me 40 mins or so that is great, but i worked it out and to get to work every day using all those tolls its $17.00 a day, which is silly!

    so i ask, to any of you who ride to work every day, what is the best path from abbot rd seven hills to military rd mosman on a bike?

    im trying for a path that gives me option (if needed) to lane split or use the "breakdown" lane, kinda like i see every1 use on the m2,

    your help is greatly appreciated

    my only lead is google maps which gave me:

    • old windsor rd
      cumberland hwy
      beecroft rd
      epping rd
      pacific hwy
      falcon st
      military rd

    cheers :?: :grin: :) :grin:
  2. You could always move to Mosman :roll: :LOL:.
  3. i suppose that is a viable option if you got a few spare millions in ya back pocket :cool:
  4. Both of those routes are horrible and more congested then a yanks artery finishing his 3rd big mac of his lunch...

    Heading west to north is pretty horrible overall, and i'd pretty much avoid every single road and highway mentioned in those routes if i was you...
  5. i know its bad and trust me i wouldn't do it if i didn't have to, but i do, so i thought id find the safest/quickest possible route!

  6. Ouch that can't be a good run.

    I live in the Hils District and I usually just go Beecroft Rd -> Epping Rd -> Gore Hill Fwy -> Military Rd...

    Guaging the traffic on any given day, you can jump onto the M2/LCT etc I guess, but I doubt it will ever be a clear run...

    Now that Epping Rd is 2 lanes it will probably be a bit more difficult too - admittedly I don't know travel that road at peak times so not sure what the current Transit Lanes etc are like...

    Good luck!
  7. That's a turd of a run.

    Buy a helicopter.
  8. What about renting? :roll:

  9. i lived in Seven Hills for most of my life and worked in Manly,

    what time do you start work as that could change teh roads chosen,

    i used to go (pre M2) seven hills road turn onto Windsor road, then into Nth rocks road(i think thats what its called) cross over Cumberland hwy and take back streets and carlingford road up to Beecroft road, then onto Epping road follow it until Dehli road , go down Dehli rd until pacific hwy (chatswood)

    i would go left but you will have to go right onto pacific hwy or go left and go down boundry rd and throught north bridge?

    i started work at 7am so traffic wasnt too bad for me and fuel was only 55c/L
    so i didnt mind the extra k's
  10. oh, well 9:00 am start.... sounds like this is going to be a fun trip, at the moment ive worked out im in alot of shit if i don't go down m2, but still dehli rd > military rd will be fun, won't chattswood be a shit run in peak hour?
  11. It depends how much you value your time.

    The m2 would technically be the fastest route but it is bumper to bumper in peak period. I've seen police bikes both in the breakdown lane and waiting at the Oakes Rd bus stop, watching for unauthorised vehicles - in other words, you.

    Epping Rd isn't as fast as the LCT during peak hour but it's actually reasonably good due to the large amount of traffic using the LCT. The Falcon St toll is infuriating (relative to the cost of building the ramp) but it does save a lot of time.

    I place a lot of value on my time so I just 'toll' my way everywhere I can, but nothing fixes it in peak hour. I'm sorry to say that although you don't want to go to the city, everyone who does is taking the same roads as you, so you're pretty much screwed.

    Try them all out is my recommendation. None of them is going to be fun. It is going to be a crap commute, every day of the week, and every hour of the morning even if you leave early. Sorry!

  12. yeah, all my options are looking bad, but its ok, because it will be worth the travel. anyway thanks guys, i might just try a few different routes, from dehli rd, to epping rd/falcon st

    and id consider using m2/lct if falcon st didn't have that damn toll!