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[NSW] Need a Bit of a Favour

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by PatB, May 21, 2008.

  1. As many of you already know, I'll shortly be collecting a new Ural outfit from a dealer in NSW.

    In order to ride it home to WA and register it here, I'll need to obtain an Unregistered Vehicle Permit from the RTA to allow me to cross NSW and SA. Having spoken to/exchanged emails with the RTA, a UVP is no problem if I can provide the right paperwork and details.

    One of the necessary details is a contact address in NSW, along with written authorisation to use that contact address if it's not my own residential address (obviously it won't be, being a Sandgroping ex-Pom).

    So would any of you residents of NSW be kind enough to sign a letter to the effect that I'd be authorised to use your address as a contact address for the purposes of obtaining a UVP?

    I'd draft up the letter and send it to you along with a self-addressed stamped envelope, so your effort would be limited to filling in the blanks, sticking it in the accompanying envelope and dropping it in a mail-box.

    I do recognise that you may be uncomfortable about providing a (comparative) stranger with your signature and address (identity theft and all that), so I won't be offended if noone offers, but it would make life very much easier for me if someone does.

    In return, I offer a lifetime's supply of opinionated and decades out of date motorcycling advice, and a (hopefully) amusing account of 4000 kms on a Russian dinosaur posted on NR. Oh yes, and my eternal gratitude of course, for what that's worth :grin: .
  2. no worries mate!

    If I do however get debt colelctors knocking at my door I can assure you they will be the least of your worries ;)

    pm me for details.
  3. I wish I live in NSW...but, then, you'd come to regret it! :grin:
  4. If Respi's offer falls through for some strange reason I'll help too :)
    Just PM me if necessary

  5. I'll help if either of the two above offers fall through, just send me a message :)
  6. It must be Communist Russia; a queue is forming. Count me in if you need :LOL:.
  7. Well, that'll make Ivan Beemovich feel at home :grin: .

    Seriously, thanks everyone for the offers of assistance. I'll be sorting PMs when I get home, working in first come-first served order.

    Once again, I find myself impressed by the collective generosity and helpfulness of NR :grin: .
  8. likewise happy to help, and cant wait to hear the story of the ride home!