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(NSW) nearest convenient inspection station.... help

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by Zbike, Aug 26, 2008.

  1. Here is my deliema.
    i bought a vehicle unregistered no plates. Its currently in liverpool.
    I want to drive it to Sutherland a good 1/2 hour away for its blue slip inspection (which is already booked) and for repairs if any are needed. The vehicle will be kept in sutherland. And it is convient because i can have repairs carried out there easily and cheaply.
    Vehicle is in good shape only light cosmetic damage.

    RTA website states i am allowed to drive to the nearest convient inspection station for my blue slip.

    I do not want to pay for a tow truck.

    Is it reasonable to drive it this far, will i get fined? even if i do will i be vindicated if i get fined and take it to court?

    How far does the word
    convenient stretch.

  2. get a letter and a temporary plate/registration paper from the mechanics that you designated the job to write you one.so when the red and blues are behind they can check on it.

    thats just me thinking as an alternative.
  3. book it in at a couple of places on the way to Sutherland, and if a cop pulls you over pick the mechanics closest to your location and say you have it booked in at ....
  4. i've been in this situation and i DID get pulled over...

    totally depends on the leniency of the cops but its kinda risky cause officially they can book you for driving unreg etc etc, they'll soon figure out you're not taking to the nearest place, you're transporting it

    is it worth the risk when an off-peak flat bed tow will only cost about $130?

    i know cause i've have two cars delivered from liverpool to sutherland shire way and it was less than $150 both times

    you might get by okay, you might run over a grandma and then have to explain that you have no CTP, insurance blah blah blah

    i've done both, much much less stressful and risky just getting it towed, then when you actually are taking it to your nearest inspection station, you're totally by the book
  5. Ok update.
    When to the cop shop, got told by a highway patrol cop that if ur uncle/friend/whatever is going to do your slip and repairs cheap or better or whatever your are allowed to drive it there.
    Apperntly the law got changed recently in my favour.
    Just dont go thrue drives thrues or carry passengers.

    If i was richer id have got it towed.
    But drove it didnt get pulled over ect so all good, it even almost passed blue slip :)
  6. glad to hear it worked out!

    what did you buy, out of interest? :p
  7. the ugliest and most economical thing i could find a 1300cc 4 cylinder 4 door mazada 121 in white. only cost a few fundred.

    uses less fuel than my gpx