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[NSW] National park, no valid parking ticket

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by GreenNinja, Apr 15, 2009.

  1. hi guys,

    Sometimes i ride through the national park, They let me ride through it, as some of you here know.

    But sometimes i do stop for about 5 to 10 minutes for a short break. My question is, if i don't have a valid parking ticket, how much can they fine me?
  2. Is this a trick question? Like "How far can you walk into a forest?"
  3. They can fine you for indecent exposure. Stopping for a pee pee break and weeing in public (or number two, you know who!) isn't taken kindly by mr plod
  4. GreenNinja

    This was moved into Holding, presumably for being 'dumped' in General Discussion when it should have been in Politics, Laws and Government. I have edited it and moved it to the correct forum.

    As the little red moving banner at the top right of your 'Post Message' windows says, please have a think about the content and intent of your post, and put it in the right place in the first place, mmmkay?????

    Now, to answer your question, my understanding is that the option to wave you through at the gate implies a level of trust that you are not going to stop, open up a huge picnic basket, feed 14 children and walk 20 kilometres throug the bush. The fact that you are riding a bike makes this extremely unlikely, so you are assumed to be passing through. Rangers DO patrol the Park and DO conduct spot checks of the groups of people stopped, picnciking, etc, to see if they have a yearly pass or have paid for a day pass.

    If as noted, you have to stop to relieve yourself, there are facilities available.....

  5. In my experience if the rangers believe that you have stopped to make use of the parks facilities (ie. picnic, bushwalk etc) they will issue a fine but that fine is waivable on payment of a season pass (well it was in my case .... in car).

    I would say that if you stop simply to go to the loo or a genuine rest than where you stop may play a part in teh rangers decisions as well (ie. stopping at the Audley loos may be ok, but stopping at Garie beach may not). Plus, the rangers aren't generally interested in revenue and may simply move you on if it is obvious that it is a rest as opposed to a lengthy break.

  6. Not a pee break, just a general stop, grab a drink while enjoying the view. 5 to 10 minutes.
  7. a quick note to confirm we are talking about the royal national park first.

    The fee cars pay at the front gate is the park use fee. it is illegal for them to charge you for driving through as there is no alternative route for access to the suburbs such as maianbar. you can get waived through the gates in a car just by saying im driving through (does not work in other parks to my knowledge).

    so if you are using the royal national park as an access road then they cant fine you. however if you use park facilities such as toilets or tables etc i think they can.
  8. The Alpine Way is the same as the RNP; if you're not stopping, you don't have to pay for access to the road. :)
  9. pay to ride through a park .... dude .. that is soo lame ..