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[NSW] Natio Run Jnr!, Sat Sep 23rd

Discussion in 'NSW' at netrider.net.au started by ForumBot, Sep 15, 2006.

  1. Added to Calendar by: Susanna

    Wanted: Any learners, provisionals or patient ol' souls up for a cruise through the national park.

    All ages, levels and sizes welcome!!

    Saturday 23rd September 2006

    Starting at Loftus Oval Carpark @ 10 am

    Through the Royal National Park, st...

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  2. Well you can count four of us girls jumping on this ride...
  3. If I go Wisemans tomorrow, i'm in for this ride.

    I think i'll toss a coin tomorrow morning. :grin:
  4. I am off the races this day.... god damit! Whens the next catch up thingy? I aint seen ya in ages susy sue.
  5. Four eh?

    ... *marks calendar*

  6. RNP vs Scrambled, round 2.


    The ride sounds like fun, hopefully get to meet a few new people. Hopefully the bike will be running 100% again for this one.
  7. hahaha, i was just thinking the same thing, but then remembered i have to go to work on saturday, :evil:
  8. well i was meant to go to batemens bay on friday, but i spos there is no harm in delaying it by one day. ill be a "maybe" for sure, sounds like a good ride. where exactly is loftus oval?
  9. Loftus oval is about 50 metres before the turn off to the RNP.
  10. Hey Mickey, which way did the coin fall?

    Thedragonreborn, you'll get to see me when you get your priority's in order...*scoffs at the races* :wink:

    Just had a bo-peep at the weather, and this is what they reckon:
    Saturday Fine.
    City: Min: 17 Max: 28
    West: Min: 13 Max: 30

  11. The coins (notice I said coin with an 's') fell towards the OSR and RTA ! :( on saturday morning.

    You can tell Amy not to bring her charge book ! :LOL:
    I'm legal now !
  12. count me in as a maybe,

    have to find loftus oval first.
  13. Why not, after watching Scrambles take the senic route through the park I'm keen for another ride. It is a great road. I'm in.
  14. Should be reworded to "great road in some places" :p.

    Beware the downhill chicane!
  15. help, loftus oval carpark doesn't come up in whereis.com .....
  16. Yeah, turning a corner can be tricky, well at least for scrambles :p
  17. Directions to Loftus Oval carpark:


    From Wollongong

    Through the RNP: Follow the RNP until you meet up with the Princes Highway. Take a right at the lights, follow the highway until the turn off to Sutherland (a left to go onto Rawson Avenue), do a u-turn and enter back onto the highway (except now you're heading back the way you came). Just after you cross the train crossing the carpark and oval is on your left.

    Following the highway: Follow highway until you turn into Rawson Avenue, then do the same as above.

    From more northern Sydney

    Get on the Princes Highway. Follow it, taking the left at the lights in order to go to Wollongong. You will go through a 90km/h zone, soon after this you will have to slow up once again then you will cross some train tracks and the oval/carpark is there on the left.
  18. Sounds good hope to be there and meet some of you all :beer:
  19. If I can get off work I will be there.
    ROUND 2 BABY!!!! Time to show that road who's boss.
  20. BTW, remember there is now a speed camera in the RNP on one of the main straights.

    And the warning signs leading up to it are fairly well hidden.