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[NSW] Must i report a minor accident, by law?

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by robbie, Jul 8, 2009.

  1. I was just tapped in the back of the bike the other day.
    very minor damage (<$200) and the driver at fault is going to cover it.

    am i obliged by law to report it?

    i have his details and he is going to cover the cost at the mechanics in person.

    i feel no need to take the legal avenue on this one.
  2. yeah let it slip under the radar mate :) no need for those insurance premiums going up. Good customer service provided by the other half if its only minor damage. just aslong as you got all the details necessary from the them :grin:
  3. I did take the next two days off work to get my neck checked out (x-rayd)
    It was fine as i assumed. i have had worse whiplash before, but was being safe.

    My employer is now requesting details to record the incident.
    Anyone know much about OH&S policies, as i did not make the event official, i have no information i want to give them.

    PS Employer is a large retail chain. If that is a concern.
  4. ahhh now you just mentioned an injury. Im a nurse actually mate :LOL: Maybe you should report the incident now. You never know what might happen with ur neck there. neck injuries can be a very sensitive type of injury. All it takes is the slightest sudden movement and all could go wrong, nerve problems related to back and neck and the likes, i would get it checked out again just to be sure, maybe an xray if u havnt had one as yet?
  5. tell the other party that ur gonna report it to the police, fill out police report of exact time and place it happened. maybe meet the other party at the police station when filling out the report. get a report from the hosptital you attended. Im pretty sure that if its a minor accident the police wont really get involved. The report is just to cover everyone incase something comes up.
    And if you do need time off work then TAC should be-able to cover your butt cause your workplace wont.
  6. in nsw? bawahahaha.

    We really need a system like yours mate!

    edit: to the OP - to find out what you can claim for and what help is available under the CTP scheme have a look at

  7. If you were on your way too or from work, then yes you should go to a cop shop and fill out a P5 report at least. The cops will ask some questions and given that you sort medical attention they may turn it into a p4. Which unfortunately mean the guy will likely get a ticket.

    Sucks for a minor mistake when everything is taken care of.

    If you weren't on your way too and from work then tell your employer to bite you.
  8. +1

    As to the topic, IIRC its where there is an injury or excesive damage stopping a vehicle involved being driven safely.
  9. Did you just claim sick leave for this or did you want to put in a workers compo for it? Under medicare the guy that hit you should be paying for the X-ray etc. On the form it should have asked you if the injury was as a result of a work place incident.

    Driving to and from work is covered by workers compo, that's why your company wants to detail it as an incident. As in a months time you could come back say your neck is stuffed and sue your company via tribunal and get a PI payout.

    You do not have to report any accident to Police by law if the damage was under $2000, unless someone was injured, ie ambo's needed. Though most insurance companies will want a police report filed.
  10. The employer is trying to cover thier butts so that if you claim a workplace injury they can point to the accident.
    Unless the injury was incurred during work time or at work, respectfully decline.
  11. $500 minimum for police to attend an accident, is this also the amount maybe if you have to report it?

    but i wouldn't if you have other party covering it all
  12. wow so many numbers flying around $2000 $500. the way it was described to me was if anybody was injured or if a vehicle had to be towed (e.g. excessively damaged unsafe to drive). they changed the law to remove numbers.

    report it to the police, other party will only get a ticket if you were injured. if it was a precautionary measure to determine if you were injured then i dont know. ask the local cop shop. maybe they have discretion with regards to injury.

    if you have a note from your GP saying no injuries my guess would be no sweat police report.
  13. As stated above, definitely report it as you do not know what the injuries may amount to in time. Also, bikes aren't meant to be "tapped" from behind. What appears to be minor damage, could end up being a bent wheel, damaged tyre, bent swing arm or even a tweeked frame. That could become costly, and with no police report number, you may have difficulty in any insurance claim, or indeed getting anything out of the other party.

    Good luck with it all.
  14. I swear this thread jinxed me... I took the xvs650 out yesterday afternoon as I had an appointment just around the corner and as I've been laid up recovering from an operation for a month I figured it'd be nice to take a bike.

    I get to the exit of our estate to make left hand turn onto the main drag, there is a lovely lady making a right hand turn as I pull up beside her I see a guy gun it from the bottle shop on the other side of the road so I slow to a stop to let him go first as I don't want to have to gun it myself it get in front of him and as I do the youngish guy behind me taps the back of the bike.

    Look over my shoulder to find he has his phone in his hand and appears to have been texting.


    Shitty thing is it goes in on Tuesday for it's first service and gets V&H Short Shots, Hypercharger and new jets.

    Only 1 Tail light in the country and it's coming from South Australia so it's paid for and coming but the kicker is there are no fenders, thats got to come from Japan and they are saying it'll be 2-3 Weeks!

    Small tap, but the damage bill is about $1500. Hope Mr Asia has parents with the cash to pay or I'll have to put a claim in.

    Got a ride this weekend so I'm going to try and find a universal tail light or stick some sort of len cover on for the ride.. seems to be some cheapie ones on ebay that are local.