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[NSW] Muggers in Alexandria (Sydney)

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by chrome, Jul 14, 2011.

  1. Not really a road condition report, but I thought I'd pass this one on.

    A guy at work here was recently accosted while riding is BMW800GS down a side street by a large group of thugs. They shut off his bike, and took valuable equipment from his top box. He and the bike are ok, now, but he was rather shaken by the experience.

    I don't want to go into more than that, as I don't know if he really wants all the gory details on the net, but I think if you're riding around Alexandria, maybe stick to the main roads.
  2. What i'd like to know is how did they manage to get to him, the rider? Did they block off his path or something? Also i wonder why he didn't take off when they made it clear they were just a bunch of nasty m********ckers.

    I fear this as i'm ALWAYS with my camera gear, straped on the back of my bike, in a bag. Sometimes also with a very expensive laptop.

  3. Yeah, as I said, don't want to go into specifics, but he had no escape route, turning around wasn't an option, and by the time he knew what was going on it was all too late.
  4. What have the police got to say?
  5. lucky you didnt speed off, we would have fined you too 8-[
  6. Could we know which street? I live in Erskineville and would like to be more informed. Of course, only if your friend is ok on sharing that information
  7. and i often leave my bike around Newtown/Enmore/Marrickville. Any heads up would be great!
  8. From my own experience anywhere near the maccas on McEvoy st can be an issue - used to just be unlocked cars at traffic lights but looks like they are getting more adventurous. So I would also say don't be complaisant on the main roads too.

    I only ever carry basic stuff like wet weather gear - if I was carrying anything more valuable I would be inclined to get some solid lockable luggage no matter where I was travelling to/through.

    Hope the guy is OK and those theives get whats coming to them.

    Not that I endorse any vigilante actions but it was nice to see a guy pummel one of these theives on McEvoy st a couple years ago.
  9. 15 years ago I worked one block from that intersection, and saw some nasty, freaky shit going on - would hate to think what's happening there now...
  10. So this actually happens! %^&%^& Seriously question which direction this country is headed..just sad..Glad your mate is ok :)
  11. Chrome, which street dude? I work in Alexandria, im gunna keep my eye open.
    Yeah, up near Maccas is the housos. Wouldnt surprise me, however it WOULD surprise me if it was up near the Erko end, like Bourke Rd, Oriordan St, etc.
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    Thanks for the heads up im in rosebery.
  13. Yeah, don't really remember the exact place where it happened. But I suspect these guys aren't restricting themselves to any one particular lane :p

    He said pretty much all of the surrounding police stations were mobilised when he called 000, cop cars racing everywhere with lights on minutes after, but they found nothing.

    Funny thing is, I can't find a press release about it, so they must be still investigating things.
  14. Man, I can be so naive. It would never occur to me that I could be mugged stopping at an intersection like this. What a crazy world we live in.
  15. Yeah that's BS isn't it! easy to sit here & say I would have turned around, or ploughed through them or whatever, but I think the average bloke would just freeze & submit! you don't whether these oxygen thieves had knives, guns or blood-filled syringes etc.

    Plus if you clobber one of 'em, his mates will only stab you from behind like a real tuff man would! Oh, and then they would all stomp on your head when your unconcious coz thats the way real tuff street fights roll, y'know!
  16. I read this thread yesterday but didn't post anything but this afternoon I was listening to talk back, a 85yo grandmother with her daughter was robbed on McEvoy street around midday I think they said, police are requesting people with information about it to call the Redern LAC - I really think your work mate should give them call if not for his case, but the thugs that robbed two elderly woman in broad daylight - he can just give them any details and doesn't even have to leave a name/number or appear in court unless he wants to.

    A rough description of one of the blokes was late teens/early twenties, tanned, a white baseball cap, blue jacket, and brown hair.
  17. Been happening in that area since 1788, I reckon.
  18. Yep, it was razor gangs back in the day.
  19. I vote for every Sydney rider to cruise the streets together and put an end to the f*ckers. Lowest form of scum they are. They hunt in packs, so we need to hunt in bigger packs... (P.s. I'm all for this, sort of Cronulla Riots style lol)