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[NSW] Movie Night - Transformers, Thu Jun 28th - Premiere

Discussion in 'NSW' started by ForumBot, Jun 13, 2007.

  1. Added to Calendar by: Optimus_Mike

    Where - Fox Studios, Sydney
    Time - tbc
    Parking - Free
    Date - Thursday 28/6/07

    Then ride somewhere and bite afterwards . . . noobs chance to practice night riding with a group.

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  2. I'm in like that evil looking dude who turns into a bug mothertrucker!

  3. I will confirm it after the time has been posted. Otherwise put me down for 75%.
  4. dammit i just realised that's the night of a mates 22nd which i've already said yes to :cry:

    any chance of doing this on thursday or saturday?
  5. Thursday premiere night !
    yeah why not.

    Depending on numbers, we would have to pre-purchase.
  6. Yes, oh my sweet lord yes!!!!!!!!
  7. thursday thursday...
  8. I would be up for this.

    Thursday.... last exam on this day... nice way to finish off exams :LOL:
  9. count me in , wheres the best place to park at fox studios tho? as i have never had to park there , allways got the bus from central there
  10. i'd be up for thurday, not friday though...
  11. There is bike parking, but I'd bring a disclock :D
  12. ahh sweeet , thanks
  13. Thursday !!!
  14. Either Day I am IN

    Yo , Either Day I am in but Thursday would be better.

    They had the "Premier" for all the famous people and stuff here at fox (I work at fox) the other day and reports are the fight scenes are Massive and of course the CG is spot on....

  15. Any idea what time the movie is going to be 7, 8, 9pm? Thursday or Friday are both fine with me, but Thursday is better. For me the time is what matters more.
  16. thursday or friday is good for me too
  17. Prefer Friday, but if it is Thur, I'll see what happens.

    Also, what time, as I may just ride to work, then go straight there.
  18. . . . for this to work, a generous NR dude will be pre-purchasing 10tickets for the opening.

    Indicate if your a definite to book a ticket.

    If more come, more tix will be arranged.

    It will most likely be a session between 7 and 8pm.
    Details soon.
  19. count me in micky
  20. I'll find out tuesday if im rostered for work on the 28th hopefully i aint :D