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[NSW]Motorcycle rentals for L's & P's

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by TWEET, Sep 1, 2007.

  1. Who has their L's or P's and has rented a bike so they can do some practice before the P's test, or got their P's but doesn't have a bike, and would consider renting one so they can do some riding?

    I might have a couple of bikes to offer for rent, but just getting a feel for the demand.

    VTR250 = $100 per day 1-7 days then $75 thereafter
    GPX250 = $80 per day 1-7 days then $60 thereafter

    Bikes insured, and deposit would be
    VTR250 = $2000 for Learners, $1500 for Provisional
    GPX250 = $1500 for Learners, $1000 for Provisional
    Credit card in the renter's name or cash at time of collection
    Fully refunded on return of the bike in condition it was rented.

    Insurance excess:
    L's = $2500
    P's = $2000
    This could be reduced by paying $20/day to 50% of the value listed

    The rates are very competitive when you shop around, and for P's test would be about 30% cheaper than HART etc.

    Collection would be in the city, or delivery for 7 day rentals free of charge within Metro Sydney. Could even deliver for shorter rentals for a small fee, and possibly deliver to the rider training centre if you are doing your P's

    So what do you think???