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[NSW] - Motorcycle L's/P demerit points

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by nicko18, Aug 5, 2010.

  1. *ugh... the thread was automatically posted before I could finish writing the title sorry...

    A sort of follow on from this thread which was locked.


    In particular in regards to Noddy's comment
    and MitchRohr's comment
    So if you have accrued 4 demerit points on your car license, does that prohibit you from even obtaining a motorcycle licence?

    I ask because I think I currently have 3 demerit points in my car. I would have assumed you need to lose 4 points on your bike or 12 points in total, whichever comes first, in order to have your bike license taken away.

    It's a good warning, especially for those with 3 demerits on their car license, to be super careful.

  2. That's tricky.

    Logic tells me that if you do not already hold a motorcycle learner's permit the 4 points can't be held against it.

    Correct me if I'm wrong (pretty likely), but the way I see it they would apply the demerit points to your car license only if you hold no other vehicle licenses in the state.

    Still, if it's unfair and a denial of natural justice, you can bet the RTA will give it a shot.

    Wanna be a test subject?
  3. A more logical and fair system would be if the point were earned on the bike, then they lie on both.

    If the points were earned in the car then they lie there for the car up to the last three points where they then apply to both.

    Then revert to the traditional method when you have a full license.

    so if you only have 3 points missing when you apply for your bike learners permit then it doesn't effect you.
  4. I'm pretty sure existing points don't stop you from getting a motorcycle license. Assuming points are retained for up to 3 years after the offense was committed, I've had 3 points on my car license from May 2009, and was successfully able to apply for and obtain a motorcycle learner license in April 2010.
  5. I wonder if you get a speeding fine in your car when you have a full license worth 1 demerit point, do they suspend your learner's license even though you weren't riding?
  6. If your car license gets suspended you'd be suspended from riding as well. Same license, just different class.
  7. I have 9 demerit points accumulated all gotten on motorcycle (unrestricted), and only have provisional (red) for car. No issues with my car license at all.

    If you get points on a full license, it won't affect your L/P class license until you reach the point where you would lose your full license.
  8. I asked the RTA about this when i was collecting my P's after the test. I was told that my car demerits do not affect my bike license, so i could rack up 8 points on my car unrestricted and still ride. Unless, as phizog mentions, you get suspended, then it's all out suspended.
  9. whoever said that was full of shit
    one response i got was if i got suspended for speeding on red p's i'd lose the car as well (green p's)

    what actually happened was the 4 points only counted against my riders, and still had 7 on the car.
    tried looking for the screenie i had of the rta site when i did it but i can't find it

    instead, i give you this

  10. Ah okay..
    Any speeding offence on Ls/P1 is 4 demerit points and states it would be suspended for any 'speeding offence' but doesn't detail what would happen if that occurred on your other license. As the saying goes if it's unfair and ridiculous the RTA will have a go, so I would've thought they'd suspend my rider's license for anything.