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[NSW] Motorcycle Council (MCC) NSW update April 2010

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Toecutter, Apr 13, 2010.

  1. Attended my first meeting in a few months last night, and things moving forward

    One was the release of "Positioned for Safety 2010" and is a 2.5MB download, filled with plenty of information, located on the right hand side of the page here http://roadsafety.mccofnsw.org.au/

    What the MCC is looking to do is to get some core issues to the State Govt via a letter writing campaign well in advance of the next election due March 2011.

    So tell us what you’d like the State Govt to do for motorcyclists and the reasoning behind it and will submit

    Will update you next month on what was decided upon and will seek your assistance to push the message

    Thanks in advance

    Regards Alex
  2. Had a flick through the reoprt. Ill read it properly later.

    Would suggesting the topics on here about using the Bus lanes on the M2 and restoring the Wollongong CBD bike parking be applicable topics to raise?
  3. id like to see ALL bus lanes available for motorcycles, as we can not use bus lane only lanes, would also like to see transit way available also

    am i asking for to much hehehe
  4. probably. from what I understand not even pushies are legally allowed to be in them. anyone on a half decent road bike should be able to pace a bus, especially one that stops every kilometre.

    I personally would like to see corner advisory signs on these two corners (A and 8)

    I posted about it before to ridicule, despite a new set of skidmarks appearing monthly. Recently saw an accident on one of these corners where car had spun into inside lane from the outside and completely collected a car going the other way. lots of damage. If it were a motorcycle that crossed over or got collected the accident probably would have been fatal. The problem with the corners is that most corners on the road are posted with the exception of those two, which should be a 35 (relative to others) There is also a posted 35 corner between the two which puts others off to think the next corners will be fine because they are not marked.

    Return Lady Wakehurst Drive to 80 km/h with broken lines, as it was 6 months ago. I fail to see how upgrading the road causes the speed limit to go down and double lines to extend the whole length of the road.

    Saving that, a better licensing system for all road users, hey?
  5. free parking state wide for the designated limit displayed....

    proportional tolling.
  6. +1 for free parking in all councils other than sydney city
    (only cos they already have done it)

    +1 for proportional tolling
  7. organise a "pillion a polly day" lolol

    we can each take a polly on the back to show them how we roll :D
  8. If they rode with a couple of the people here then they'd immediately move a motion to ban motorcycles... :)
  9. hahaha true, we will hand pick the riders from here then, i bags kristina keneally :)
  10. Meeting's on Monday night

    So we've got;

    1. State Wide Council Parking, as per City
    2. Proportional Tolling
    3. ALL Bus Lanes

    Of course anything else, feel free to add

    And again you're all invited - Ryde Ex Services Club, Victoria Rd from 7.30
  11. Sounds good. I don't think I have any other motorcycle related issues at the moment! :D
  12. all those 3 would be fantastic!

    proportional tolling, & the henry tax review is being released shortly, they may mention congestion charges and charge per road usage ( i.e. trucks more than cars ).

    lets hope this isn't a waste of time for us. they always talk about the success of the london city congestion charge. i believe bikes are not charged this at all. as it should be.
    so when they look to do it here they should include us and not charge as much as a car....
  13. Will put it to MCC requesting we go for no charge....Vic's have had no tolls for bikes (think one road has it now - TonyE - can you please confirm) and ridiculous that we can be 10-15% of a cars weight and be charged the same
  14. Vic's first toll road went live with front on cameras only, so no tolls for bikes. The other road does charge for bikes but it is less than for cars.

    Victoria also has legal footpath parking which works well for bikes and the cars who don't have to compete with us for spaces.
  15. Citylink is no charge for bikes, as above forward cameras.

    Eastlink is charged for bikes, at half car rate, and a free system of photo processing so you don't have to carry a tag.

    Footpath parking has been tried before, and always knocked back on the grounds that Sydney footpaths are generally narrower than Melbourne, where you can only park a bike where it doesn't obstruct pedestrian traffic. I think it's worth trying again, and us leading with 'not obstructing pedestrian' clause, so that it is legal on paths that are wide enough to accomodate both.
  16. It's probably already on the general agenda, Alex, and may have already been put up, but I think we need to be lobbying the State Government and the likely INCOMING State Government, and the Opposition Leader, who's an ex-cop, for recognition of powered two-wheelers as an environmental plus, for all the reasons we discuss here constantly. It's hard not to believe that most pollies are locked in the 70s with the idea that bikes are a dangerous nuiscance.
  17. CityLink don't toll - mainly because it weas in the too hard basket when it was first established.

    They do publish their motorcycle toll rate and have reserved the right to toll motorcycles. Whether they will or not we won't know till they try it. There's been rumours about them tolling bikes for years but they've all been unfounded (yet|).

    Eastlink toll at about half the car rate. We've met with them a couple of times and they won't reduce the rate or not toll - although anecdotal evidence is that many bikes just aren't being detected.

    The anti-footpath parking bit for NSW is spurious. There's plenty of Sydney streets quite wide enough and there are only a few places in Melbourne where it's expressly prohibited. Even the narrower lanes don't seem to have any issues.

    I'm sure the NSWMCC is talking to both sides of politics. I know Guy did and I'm sure his successors continue this. We met with the opposition transport spokesman last year (Terry Mulder) and Kerry (new pres) has just received an invitation from the Minister to come in and meet him. He & Grant should be meeting with him soon.

    We're fortunate in that the Parliamentary Secretary for Transport (Don Nardella) who's been given responsibility for motorcycle specific issues lists among his interests "heavy metal music" and "motorcycling". :)

    I haven't met him yet but I have it on excellent authority that he's good value. (And that came from a solid Liberal supporter)
  18. Thanks for the replies

    And TonyE, thanks for your udpates as well, very much appreciated