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[NSW] Motorcycle Cop Crashed on the Harbour Bridge

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by 99CIBBER, Aug 14, 2012.

  1. On my morning commute i see a motorcycle copper walking down the left hand lane as i'm rolling through the toll booths at North Sydney. I'm thinking he's pinging bike splitters...then i see debris over the road and his wrecked Police Motorcycle looking sad and sorry. Pretty embarrassing for our highly skilled NSW MB patrol officers. Don't know how it happened, but the front end was destroyed!!

    Interesting to note that it happened just after this was released from our mate Barry:


  2. ?????
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  3. Hope he gets an infringement notice for unsafe riding.
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  4. Didnt see, and have no idea how it happened......................but speed must have been a factor, since apparently speeding is the cause of all crashes according to police. The sad officer should expect a fine? or does he get off because of some special rule allows cops to break all rules?............................
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  5. So you don't know what happened, yet it's embarrassing for the Police is it? Could have been anything.


    And I bet you would jump up and down if you received an infringement for no reason too.

    Have some compassion. A fellow rider has gone down and all you care about is bad mouthing him.
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  6. NSW - He crashed - that's 'lack of proper control' ( or whatever the BS charge is they hit everybody who crashes )
    - that's, please pay the state cashier on your way to the exit, thankyou very much, next please.
  7. Spruce, it's common in NSW an becoming increasingly more common in Vic too that charges/infringements must be laid for all traffic incidents that Police attend, and there appears to be a specific focus on doling out infringements to riders, especially SVA's.
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  8. Given that a huge percentage of NSW Police vehicles are off the road at any given time due to accident damage means he's just another in the mix, and I doubt he's likely to be penalised.

    That said, I'm with spruce; he might be a Police officer, but he's a fellow-rider too, give him a break, please :)
  9. As soon as they give us a break by not handing out "loss of control" infringements for SVA's.
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  10. Because they are supposed to have the training that equips them with the ability to do the unsafe stuff that we mortals don't have the ability for.

    Not for no reason, because I crashed - and fair enough that pretty much is no reason. And yes I would. But I would get one anyway, without any say in the matter. Therefore so should he. Just because he's wearing tights and a fancy helmet should not make him immune.

    Regarding the whole police on bikes thing in the cbd, that's been going on for at least a month now, longer I would suspect. It may have been a trial phase or whatever, but this isn't new.
  11. While this is true and I agree with you in deploring the infringement notices on single vehicle accidents in this case there is no information on the particular incident. Police on bikes are also subject to Smidsy's.

    He may have screwed up, it happens.
    He may have had a mechanical failure, possible.
    He may have been struck from behind and shunted into the car in front of him.
  12. Wow, have to agree with hornet here. Rider down rules should apply here despite the riders profession.
  13. don't take it personally Spruce.
  14. I was only commenting on the practices, not the incident.
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  15. Oooh are we playing guess the cause of the accident we didn't witness? There aren't too many obstacles on the harbour bridge other than other vehicles. Unless the officer has had a brain fart and run up the back of someone, I'd say someone has neglected the old Mirrors headcheck and taken out a police bike.

    And that's probably the last time they will EVER change lanes without looking. Imagine the shock of hitting something, then realising it's a motorcycle, and then it turns out to be a cop. I almost feel sorry for them.

    Good to hear he was walking after the accident, that's a good result from any crash.
  16. having attended a crashed rider with other riders telling him to get out of there before the cops come & he gets booked i can totally understand everybody's anger at the double standards of our Government & their parasitic nature....

    A State should be helping its citizen's in need not slugging them at every opportunity, just because you crashed does not mean you were doing anything wrong

    Yes he is a rider & i am sure any rider or good citizen would come to his aid if they were at the scene but he is not restrained by the rules everyone else has to follow & that's why people feel the way they do
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  17. There seems to be a lot of people pointing out that police get off "scott free".

    I studied to be a police officer. While at the academy we heard stories from our recruiters about times they have been in trouble. Hell, even little things. One officer pointed out that when he arrived at an MVA and forgot to put his hat on, he got blasted when he returned to home base after finding out a local service area inspector was on his way to work and noticed the officer without his hat and reported his service number to his superiors.

    Then another recieved a nice fine for going through a speed camera in a patrol vehicle while not responding to a job, the fine was passed down to him from his superior and was added to his driving record. The police do not get off scott free, they cop it just as much as us, we just don't hear about it as often.
  18. No...

    Oh, that just gets me all teared up. No one said they get off totally scott free.
  19. https://www.facebook.com/nswpoliceforce/posts/10151029021121185

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  20. "SCMSIDSY"

    Sorry Concrete Median Strip, I Didn't See You


    Delicious. Don't all SVA's in NSW attract a fine?
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