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NSW MOST test measurements

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Kimberley, Jul 22, 2014.

  1. I thought I'd post this here because I saw other MOST test stuff here.

    So I have a really dumb (but serious) question. I'm looking at the MOST test measurements for the cone weave for example, and it says they are spaced apart by 4 metres and offset at 0.6 metres. But in videos I've seen of the test, they don't look that far apart. Because 4 metres is a crap load of space to me, it almost seems a bit easy... :shy: I could be wrong, my eyes could be deceiving me. It's been ages since I was at one of the testing centres so I forget how big they are.

  2. 4m is what like 2 bike lengths. it in enough.

    so walk in a straight line.
    every 4 m you need to drop a cone. 1st cone 30cm from you on the left side, then walk another 4m then drop another cone 30cm right side and so on.

    it will seem smaller on a bike when you are trying to weave.
  3. MOST-unanderra.

    ok, I get bored a lot...
    these are approx. measurements of the course at Unanderra, based on the RMS MOST pdf (attached) and google sat images..

    on a CB125, it is ridiculously easy. (turning diameter = 4.5m?)
    on a bike with crapper turning circle, it is harder (ZZR250 = 5.6m turning circle) but still not that hard

    green dashed circle is ZZR250 turning circle of 5.6m, CB125 can almost do figure 8's inside that LOL

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  4. The 4m distance apart isn't the tough bit. The 0.6 is the bit that makes it tough.
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  5. I'll have to go to one of these training days and have a crack on the new Beemer. I'm old enough not to have to have done this shit..
  6. Kimberly, if you are going to do it in the 'riff, the google map of the test area is not so clear, but you can see some of the detail

    Unanderra is maybe the most well marked out (on google maps).. test area is RHS of this image

    Rouse hill is well marked out, and has 3 areas!

    St Ives is a little different again
  7. You could probably sell tickets to that, TWEET.:watching:

    There are special conditions for large BMWs, they have to have the coffee machine actually brewing coffee while you do the tests. :finger:
  8. Ive also found a couple of large car parks around where I ride where someone has marked out the markings in the past and Ive been practising using them. Have a look at carparks near you is my suggestion you might be lucky.
  9. I bought the version without the coffee maker ;) I reckon it would be easier on the K1600GT than on my R1150RT, and yet harder on my 'Bird...
  10. No coffee machine........<sigh>

    Actually, so long as the RT doesn't have linked brakes, it shouldn't be too much of a problem.

    The Blackbird would be a bugger...... you try and drag the back brake and the front brake comes on, and the whole shebang wants to lie down for a rest.
  11. Actually they all have linked brakes!
    The R1150RT has servo assisted brakes, and the R1150RT probably applies the most front braking when only activating the rear, the 'Bird would apply the least, but has the most difficulty in turning upright due to limited turning room for the bars.
  12. Oh, OK, I only have an elderly 1998 R850R BMW, and have been unimpressed with the linking of brakes...especially when riding a mate's Blackbird.

    BTW, it might be elderly, but it does (sometimes) have the coffee maker on board.
  13. Ok anyone know about marks in carparks around Bowral, Mittagong and moss vale? Heres hoping :)
  14. not sure around there, but there is a good practice carpark in Warrawong (Wollongong, means coming down the hill)
    some paint is on the ground, but happy to help mark out if you need? chalk is good for temporary (and legal?) marking


    start with google maps, look fro carparks/open spaces.. draw your own markings :)
    can get a pack of tennis balls from woolies/$2 shop, cut in half to use instead of cones
  15. With the cone weave, if you aren't practicing with cones, just be aware that on the day you have to take your exhaust into account. If your exhaust hits the cones, it counts against you.
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  16. Im on a ktm duke 390.....exhaust...what exhaust =D
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  17. Ha! True...

    OT: I actually considered the 390 before I settled on the Street. Biggest problem was - there were going to be none in the country for a while. Couldn't even take one for a test ride. I think this was about the time they were having quality control issues with the India plant and were moving production to China.
  18. Hi All,
    I new to net rider and have just passed my L's at Newcastle. My instructor on the day said that there were 4 area's around Newcastle that had the most test set up.
    Wondering if anyone could shed some light on the locations.
  19. Did my most test today.....travelled up hill and down dale in the p@#@ pouring rain and failed. Am so cheesed off. Did not stuff up all day, even during the practice but come the test and WHAM...absolutely livid with myself.......oh well, rebook and try again!!! :arghh:
  20. Don't worry I failed too.