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[NSW] Moretons social, Tue Jan 23rd

Discussion in 'NSW' at netrider.net.au started by ForumBot, Jan 21, 2007.

  1. Added to Calendar by: Aprilia Boy

    Just the usual monthly social at Moretons pub Hickson Rd, The Rocks.

    Get there around 6:30pm.

    Newbies, oldies, ones we have not seen for a while, regulars . . . see you there !

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  2. Onya Micky, but who is Aprilla boy?? :wink:
  3. Ride class 4? :eek:

    I think he's trying to say he has his new dream machine? :shock: Already?? :cool:
  4. Falco-Phil !

    yeah, Class 4 ride Jared, the parking can be tricky !
    Get toecutter to escort you in.

    He has a new Husky to show everyone also ! ;)
  5. So Hickson is the road that goes around under the bridge where all the 'young gentlemen with japanese cars' used to hang out - but all references I can find to the Moreton Hotel, say it's at 20 Sussex St.

    Wot's zee go there?
  6. entrance to the Hotel is on Sussex.
    entrance to the pub and bike parking is on Hickson.
  7. Hey guys I work on Hickson Road.

    I work at the Sydney Theatre 22 Hickson Road. So I may try to go and say hello. Because we have the Russians at the theatre at the moment but their play starts at 8:00 pm.

    If it would have been just a day that I don't have to be doing the show :cry:

  8. Not yet, Wednesday :grin:
  9. Passed my test today, but the 8 hours of it in the sun was very tiring (despite being easy) so I won't be there. I know you'll miss me :p
  10. Got caught doing the preset for the play and couldn't go out to say hello.


  11. what a strange night . . .

    We were sitting there in front of Moretons and a dude on a pocket-bike rides pass ! :eek: . . . seriously !! . . a pocket bike along Sussex st, in Sydney CBD traffic !!

    But get this . . . a police Rodeo went the other way as it rode pass ! :?
    It didn't even give chase !!

  12. Random! Wouldn't put it past them to not realise its illegal..
  13. Micky, you forgot the chick that parked in the middle of the road. Or maybe you were just distracted because you thought she was hot. :LOL:
  14. hey, i had my back towards her !
    I was wondering what the chic behind the bar had against me ! . . . man, even Phil noticed it !
    Surely it had nothing to do with the Aprilia thing ! LOL :LOL: