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[NSW] Moreton Hotel Social Dinner, Wed Oct 25th

Discussion in 'NSW' started by ForumBot, Oct 2, 2006.

  1. Added to Calendar by: Dante

    Dinner at The Moreton Hotel 20 Sussex Street Sydney 7pm Wednesday the 25th of october

    The Moreton has $10.00 meals ample bikeonly parking nearby.

    See you all there.!!!

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  2. There is bike only parking 50 meters up the road ,but you park right at the front doors ,not really any parking coppers at 7pm .
    If you parked any closer the bike would be in the bar.
    Its a good spot and empty during the week you got the place to your self ,foods good too.
  3. ... i ordered fish, i got fish. but damit it tasted like chicken.!!

    i dont mind so much i like chicken too.
  4. If I order chicken will I get chicken with a fishy taste?
  5. When did you go there Dante?
  6. last thursday night......
  7. I had tbone there last Thursday and it was nice, good value at $10
  8. :? must off missed that post.
  9. INNER :cool:
    (yes haggis, I am shouting!)

    ... must remember not to eat lunch :grin:
  10. I'm in, I'm in ;)
  11. yeah, i was there last thursday also Brett !

    I had the Salt&Pepper Calamari with sweet thai dipping sauce.

    Was okay . . . .
    A bit floury, batter was not compounded enough . . . heh, heh, Jamie Oliver talk there ! :grin:

    Dunno if I saw Dante or haggis there though ! ;)
    You guys might think there is an exclusive mid-week gathering of Syd netriders. ;) ;)

    There was one chic there though wearing a similar lime-green pastel shirt like what i was wearing. Damn, she was hot ! :eek: :grin:

    . . . . . runs and hides :rofl:
  12. not meant to be exclusive
    but that's what can gather with limited time and mobile numbers
    and i know who NOT to invite if i do want an exclusive party :!:
  13. :?
  14. Yeah, there is a secret society developing within Netrider Sydney. It is called SNiPSAC - Sydney Netrider Pastel Shirt Appreciation Society.

    Two members so far! :LOL:
  15. :shock:
    that explains why i am losing my mojo... :wink:
  16. Hi all

    I would love to join you guys for a social night but my Wednesday nights are pre booked :(
    Any chance of a Thursday night get together in the near future?

  17. Hi all
    would love to join you for a weeknight meeting but my Wednesdays are pre booked :(

    Any chance of a Thursday night meeting in the near future? if I wear a pastel shirt will I get an invite ;)

  18. lol @ pastel shirts !

    If its not dress up as your avatar night, its pastel shirt gather night !

    Now, where did I put that Mike Wazkowski costume ! :rofl:
  19. I will bring the forms for skyriders to fill in at Moreton. Basically it's to say you won't sue anyone shall the parachute fails :LOL: all right.. it's not that funny... :roll:
  20. you mean your family wont sue.. i dont think you will be in any condition to take leagal action if your parachute failed.... funny that