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[NSW] Mobile speed cameras

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by jirf88, Mar 29, 2010.

  1. From the herald today... Looks like mobile cameras will be introduced here also...


    Of all the lines in the article, this one stood out to me the most:

    Can our Melbournian counterparts give some feedback about this? Do you guys reckon these things work as well as they are said too? And how have you found this to impact your riding in general?
  2. Whether mobile speed cameras function or not, they do not save lives, regardless of any MUARC study. They may slow down the majority of drivers to the speed limit, and leave the idiots who don't give a shit, don't have the experience to drive fast, who are alcohol effected, drug effected, or just carrying a bucnh of rowdy mates, to drive beyond their capabliities and wipe out everyone in a spectacular crash. At least that seems to be the pattern in Victoria.

    Mobile cameras in unmarked cars operated by civilians parked on the side of any road at any time, as in Victoria, are a pain in the arse, a distraction, and they do not stop or slow down anyone at the time of the event, so they don't stop the idiots who are out of control.

    All they do is create a feeling of repression in the population, and that is a bad thing. Repressed people tend to explode eventually.
  3. ^ Wot ee sed.

    They don't serve any immediate purpose. They are hidden and for the ones you do see, you wonder how many you didn't see. If they were serious about people slowing down they'd mount them on bright orange Hummers.

    I also read some figures somewhere that speed camera revenue has jumped from $80m a year to over $350m, and as the road toll proves, lives have been saved.

    Wait... no... that's not what it proves... is it?

    Hmm. :-k
  4. marked vans, designated areas, I'm presuming they'll be preying on cars with a front-facing camera? useless against those of us blessed with only a rear licence plate?
  5. sweet dreams loki.

    As soon as I am able, I'm pissing off after webber.

    edit: I honestly can't believe that american idiot who calls herself premier is so stupid to introduce this in an election year.
  6. Don't they use hand held guns that they could just turn the other way?
  7. You can also say goodbye to the 10% tolerance they have so kindly given us.
  8. Just be glad they are paid by the hour, not by the number they catch!!

    Hopefully they will have a reasonable allowance 10% would be nice.
  9. Just so we are clear on this, THIS IS NOT REVENUE RAISING :roll: (y)
  10. These aren't exactly new - I distinctly recall passing a mobile speed camera by the side of the F3 near Mt White a few years ago, with a nice big blue and white sign next to it stating that it was a speed camera.
  11. Honestly, my take as a Victorian on speed cameras is a bit of both... non-highways: hate them. Highways? Love them.

    Regular roads, they are a pain in the ass because all of the roads they put them on in my town have had the speed limit reduced since (one road by 10, another by 20 KM/h). They are generally on 60 roads that are capable of ~80 (and often have been 80 in the past). As such, this usually does mean I will sit on the speed limit (depending on ratio of parked cars).

    Highways they are a godsend. Why? I almost never see cops on my commute since speed cameras became so popular. I generally sit on about 120, assuming conditions are safe and traffic isn't thick (and I drop down to 100 to pass, etc). I travel about 300 KM a week on highways, in off-peak times, and the last time I saw a police car was 2 weeks ago (and it was raining, so no surprise). Prior to that would be in the range of months (for a police car on the highway + freeway I use). This includes unmarked (I can spot them, and they'd be spotting me if I wasn't!). All the cameras mean is that maybe once a week, I have to slow down to pass them (I usually end up going past pretty slow because I honk + give them the finger... not enough hands to keep accelerating on the bike!)

    I actually respect the way the NSW government does their cameras, though - you guys get ~3 signs, and the speed limit next to each. We get one, mounted within 200 metres of the intersection off a random post (power pole, tree, whatever) - no speed sign with it, mind you (I wonder why?). Your cars will be high visibility - ours are the complete opposite, they even rotate models of car between different areas so people don't recognise them.

    If you go to the VicPol website, there is actually a Google Maps link with the road toll locations pinpointed - would be interesting to see what percantage of the roads aren't on the 'eligible for cameras' list (available on Herald Sun site with some Google-fu)... my bet would be 95% - we should petition to have THOSE roads with mobiles on them half the time, they would lose a SHITLOAD of revenue.
  12. As soon as they start busting average punters minding there own business for 5 to 10 ks
    over,I know blokes who have never had an accident and have good driving records for 20 and 30 years,drive a bit to get to work and now are on over 8 or 9 points from wanking tiny bit over speeding busts.Its all this every k over crap.Drive a road thats 80ks for years and now its 50ks,major arterial road,far far to many academics running RTA policy.
    They haven't even waited till after the holidays to start the fear and loathing campaign.
    And don't get me started on those 40k school zones for high schools,worlds gone crazy
  13. Be interesting to see which technology NSW adopts. Gatso/Multanova etc.
    They might do what the WA are doing though, use a dual camera mobile setup to snap you from front and rear, specifically to catch motorcyclists. :-({|=
    And of course the NSW RTA media machine says it will only use the cameras in blackspots, have marked vans, signage, blah blah, blah.
    The Qld government said the same thing when introducing mobile speed cameras. Now they are saturating Brisbane with unmarked covert cameras in any location they choose.
    In Qld and Victoria, speed scameras are a huge fat whopping cash cow.
    Same shit will happen in NSW. This is going to mean BIG $$$$$$ for cashstrapped NSW.
    Bring on the NSW election, so I can vote against that stupid Yank puppet woman who pretends to be Premier.
  14. where are you thinking?
    I could move to Cali/Hawaii in a heartbeat.
    I'm sort of in the same boat. I sent David Campbell a detailed letter, with links to supporting evidence, pointing out all the different things Germany does that we don't and how they still have a lower road-toll then us despite thousands of their citizens doing 200kmh+ every day. Almost 9 months later I get a reply. It was three pages, I was impressed he took so much time to answer me, but ultimately I was totally crushed and disappointed that he didn't think we could learn A SINGLE THING from a safer-driving country. instead, we're getting mobile speed cameras...

    Slowly starting to mourn this country.
  15. i'm thinking europe somewhere, which fits for a girlfriend who does pv engineering. near the hills and (hopefully) away from the idiocy.
  16. fair enough.
  17. problem is, the opposition wants these cameras too, they have been pushing for them, both sides see the $$$$$ and won't attack the other over them
  18. the opposition is already looking like a bunch of idiots.

    they have this election in the bag. the thing is, how long do they want to stay in for?

    like the policy of taking the drivers licence away from grafitti artists.....so what would they then do? catch a train or bus? then tag on that? :LOL:

  19. OMG Webber was right!! Nanny state.

    So this year we get "Safety" Cameras, Average Speed Cameras and Mobile Speed Cameras. I better lay-buy a good pushbike now.

    I love how they say the government has pledged $50M dollars to put in these mobile cameras as if they can't spare the money. How long before they start seeing a ROI on the 50M, 3 months?

    Not a day goes past I don't dream of leaving this backwards ass country..