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[NSW] Mobile speed cameras warning - start July 16

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by evelknievel75, Jun 27, 2010.

  1. take care out there fellow riders....at least you get a warning the first month...
    ( and mods, i think we need some more sticky's in this section. last count, 11 sticky's. lol )

    The NSW government has launched a $1.2 million advertising campaign to warn motorists about the introduction of mobile speed cameras.

    Six mobile cameras will start operating from July 19, with a larger operation expected to be launched in 2011.

    For at least the first month drivers will receive a warning instead of a penalty, Roads Minister David Borger said today.
  2. fantastic, getting to the stage we all sell all our vehicles and start walking, but then they will start booking us for walking to fast so we cant win

    how about the give us extra points every 5 years we dont do nothing wrong?? noooo that dosnt work for them, ive gone 20 years withour losing 1 point, do i get awarded, i think not, assholes /end rant
  3. Anybody seen one yet?
    What do they look like?
  4. NSW always take Victorias great ideas!

    Money Money Money
  5. I thought they already had them... might have been Vic, I've been back and forth so many times I get confused.

    If they are what I remember it's just a normal looking cop car with a little black box, maybe 200mm square, on the roof above the driver's window - similar to what you see stuck on the front of the roadside units, but assumedly calibrated to the vehicle's speedo and colculating from the speed differential.

    Only pic I could find, not really what I was picturing, but to give you an idea:

    Of course I could be on completely the wrong track...
  6. lol your arguments that you keep getting unreasonably fined and that you have gone 20 years without a fine confuse me!

    (But I'm easily confused :grin:)
  7. so i'm to understand these vehicles will be operate by sub-contracted civilians?
    who don't carry a firearm, baton, cap spray or tazer? most likely armed with a magazine?

    let's see how that works out for them.
  8. They are not cops in Vic - No idea if NSW are going to copy Vic or have some other plan.

    All you need is a late model car and no bladder control issues to get a job as a mobile speed cam operator.

    The ony way to tell is a small rectangle box mounted on the front grill of the car
  9. This will be a barrel of laughs. They reckon they're gonna open up shop out west, huh?
    Should be short lived, cops get attacked over tickets, and they've got guns. Anybody going for these jobs has gotta have a death wish.
  10. Says it all really.

    It was just a matter of time. When I went to VIC I was on 24/7 speed camera alert. The feeling that you could be done at any second is very stressful. If you're low on points or a P plater you cant afford to look anywhere but your speedometre. I'm glad the gvt wants me to look at my dash instead of the road, its a fantastic road safety idea..

    And Alex, you just gave me an idea.. =D I'll let you know if it works out
  11. Ive said on a previous thread that the governments are making it impossible for us not to break the law. What a good thing that it says in our consitution that the government isnt allowed to fine us... You know, one of the many parts they ignore?
  12. Care to link specifically Mr Messy? I'd love to give those S D R O guys another funny letter.
  13. the argument is, they are making it practically impossible not to get fined
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