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[NSW] Mid-month Coffee night, Wed July 19th

Discussion in 'NSW' started by MarvinTheMartian, Jul 18, 2006.

  1. Late notice change of venue:

    Due to the unpopularity with HBB closing their doors so early, we've decided to try somewhere else for coffee, so The Ranch cnr Herring & Epping Rd North Ryde, is the destination of choice. Time 1900hrs (7pm) or earlier if you want.

  2. Sounds good, Greg. I'm there.....
  3. woohoo, directly on the route on my way home.

    Some nice smells come out of that place as I ride pass.
  4. good stuff. havent been there for years
  5. I better try this one.
  6. I'm bailing on this one guys.
    Missed my 40min run last night, have to make up tonight.

    yeah, in training, i'm stupid enough to run for 14km from the City to Bondi in 4weeks time. :p
  7. glad you came along anyway micky howd you rate that burger, it came out of the bistro fairly fast,.
  8. I gotta say, I liked The Ranch. Food was fine, location is good, plenty to look at, parking wasn't too bad. Will be good on a clear night (not raining) so we can keep an eye on the bikes better, but was fine none-the-less. I'm all for making this a regular 3rd Wednesday of the month gig....

    Cheers All....
  9. I'm glad to hear this was a successful venture, and look forward to joining you next time (stuck at home running up a computer after a complete and very frustrating re-build)
  10. yeah, it was uni night tonight.
    We had the two best dirty old men from NetRiders present ! :LOL:
    And its not Dante and I ! :rofl:

    The Ranch seems to be the next venue.

    And Marvin showed Gypsy and I the M2 short cut. :cool:
    Next time i'm short of $3.30, I know where to go ! :shock:
  11. :LOL:

    i had the $6.50 roast special.

    also got a free drink :)
    noticed the manager didnt show his face all night.

    i think we could easy witha bit of notice and with out the rain id say probably a dozen of us would probably attend.

    perhaps the 'dirty dozen' ? :LOL: :LOL:
  12. ....Hey Micky, I'm not the one perving into cars at mini skirts....at least I'm not getting caught and copping the finger....

    ....but, yeah, that M2 'shortcut' can come in use...

    See y'all at the next one....

  13. I missed this coffee night ,didn't see the post DOH!