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[NSW] - Metal Section of Spit Bridge on Northern Beaches

Discussion in 'Hazardous Road Condition Reports' started by JiMb0, Sep 13, 2010.

  1. Hi all,

    Just wanting to alert and also wondering if I'm the only one who's ever come to grief on the metal grate section in the middle of the Spit Bridge ?

    Was riding home last Thursday night (09/09/2010) in the rain about 8:00pm carefully as I've done many a time without any issue (lived in Manly Vale & ridden over this bridge 5 days a week for the last 4 years) and this time as I hit the metal section in the middle which is about a bus and a half long, I felt a slight jolt from the rear tyre either hitting a small ledge or getting pulled across into one of the grooved rails that run along and all of a sudden the rear tyre looses traction & starts spinning like crazy all over the metal and coming out to the side.

    I let off the accel a little and tried to bring it back but just couldn't get traction in time and ended up loosing it, thankfully just in my own lane, all cars stopped and no-one else involved, just a heavy down on the left side and me sliding along the road.

    Got up and had some friendly drivers help me get my VRF800 back up, wouldn't start so ended up having to push the bike past the bridge and off to a little parking area to the left past the bridge where I clutch / hill started it.

    So I guess I just want to know if anyone else has experienced problems on this part of the bridge in particular? Even when I got up and tried to walk on the metal bit to get back to my bike and then push it off the bridge and out of the way it was like walking on detergent or something, that metal section + water is like ice. I can't understand why they wouldn't have applied some sort of plastic / grippy coating to this part of the bridge and wondering if it's worthwhile writing / speaking to council to see what can be done.

    I'm now bruised & battered and having to go through all the BS of an insurance claim, paying an excess, etc, this goes in my list of things to avoid like the plague when wet such as man-hole covers on corners, big white turn sign arrows on the ground and also those zig-zag lines leading up to crossings and the large white striped crossings themselves.

    Big thanks to the drivers who helped me out and the riders who stopped to check if I was ok when I was pushing my bike (y). Sorry I was a bit dismissive and just said everything was ok, was in a bit of shock as my legs and arms were a little mashed up so just wanted to get off the road, get home and didn't see why anyone else should get soaked :p
  2. Write to the local council of the area and demand they pay the excess.

    Problem is they might tell you to fob off as they are not responsible for you incurring the costs of insurance, only repairs, which have been taken care of.

    And the additional problem is that it might be that way because they can't afford to fix it, removing their liability. More problematic if the bridge is not their jurisdiction, it might be a state road or building. I have no idea whatsoever how you would proceed there.
  3. It is extremely slippery that thing, even in the dry. It makes your bike track like mad too. Were you using the throttle at all? I had a similar incident on wet bricks with cold tyres. I barely touched the throttle and the wheel spun out and I lowsided (hilariously it was the first time I had ridden the thing since the last crash)
  4. *Update* - For anyone interested, I just got told by the assessor this arvo that my VFR800 is a write-off after the above mentioned accident. The shop had said it was mechanically fine & no bent forks or anything (thankfully, I rode it there after all :p) just a shedload of cosmetic damage, apparantly about $8k worth .... new bike time :D
  5. Have you spoken to the council/rta/whoever is responsible? That plate part of the bridge has always made me edgy when its wet.
  6. Definitely find out who is responsible for the bridge and write them a polite but firm letter if you haven't already. It'll very likely be quite worthwhile for you, plus they might actually fix the bloody thing.
  7. The RTA is responsible for that road and bridge.

  8. Same.

    Just as an aside, what's the safest way to go across something like that?

    I would have said clutch in but what would I know?!
  9. I ride over it a bit but never have done it in the wet.. Even in the dry it's fairly scary since your wheels track in the grates very badly.. I just loosen up and don't brake or accelerate. Just maintain a steady speed + throttle and hope for the best :|
  10. I've been over that in the wet, my advice would be if it's raining go over the Roseville bridge and if that's a bit ridiculous like if your going seafourth to mosman get on the footpath or hold on to the car next to you. Bad bad road!