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[NSW] Meet the Vic netriders @ Bombala, Sun Nov 4th

Discussion in 'NSW' at netrider.net.au started by ForumBot, Aug 20, 2007.

  1. Added to Calendar by: Alex

    Leaving early Sunday and returning back to Sydney Monday 5th November

    Need to book accommadation at Bombala by 31st August - see the Vic thread "three musketeers ride".

    So if you are thinking of coming, post up your interest.

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  2. Route is not yet defined, if your interested, need to get confirmed by 31st August and let Sir Skuffy know in his thread under Vic Rides to book accommadation.

    Happy to meet up with Canberrians or Sydneysiders and find some backroads but all tar.

    Or I will be doing a few hundred kms of dirt via Nowra
  3. Bomballa 2006 was one of the worst rides.
    Pissing down all w/end & freezing.

    Should be more comfortable for yaz this year. :wink:

    Get wasted!

  4. you very unattractive man victor

    BTW, thats just near cosmo's ;)
  5. You going this year Joel?

    <Victor is always an ugly mofo when he drinks> :LOL:

    Some fcuker last year wouldnt move away from the bar
    so I could buy a drink so I physically lifted him, carried
    him to door & turfed him out. :oops:
  6. 'kenoath i'll be there! another club that i play matchbox cars with more or less runs the show ;)
    where you stay? the globe?
  7. Yeh. Stayed at the Globe last year. This year I'll be a no-show bud. :cry:
  8. shame, could have intro'd you to some real crunts :(
  9. Bugger. :cry:

    Next year.. if all goes well.

    Those fcuked up roads wrecked my bike last year. Instrument support
    snapped in two & fairing snapped at mounting points.


    Cann River Hotel pix.


  10. This looks like fun! just moved to syd from melb and missing it lots, ill put it in the diary and see if i cant encourage some others along.

    MG - yeah thats one thing ive noticed! never mind the drivers that want to be somewhere in 5 min, the roads are rough and way more trouble up here thats for sure.
  11. Sometime in November there will be a bike rally in Bombala. Is this ride on for the same weekend? A few mates will be going to the rally and I'm thinking of tagging along.