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NSW media still pushing for mobile speed cameras

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by waedwe, Jan 10, 2010.

  1. http://www.dailytelegraph.com.au/ne...on-death-highway/story-e6frewt0-1225817661989

    This article in todays paper is there latest attack.
    It contains such gems as cars overtaking trucks sometimes break the speed limit in overtaking manouvres,and then shock horror return to the limit or under once past
    Attempts to legitamise there findings by stating they have a identical calibrated speed gun to the police, but doesn't cover if they followed all procedural guidlines in the use and setting up of said radar.
    Was actually worse in the print paper with the RtA spokespeople claiming if you are 10km/h over the limit your chances of crashing are doubled ect, i dont know why the news limited media is in such a push to get these cameras in

  2. this pissant tabloid journalism is the reason I no longer buy their newspapers
  3. If they were serious about monitoring speed limits, they would bring in point to point cameras, for the full length of the F3.

    The speeding figures should have read more like 95% of drivers speed on the F3, including P platers.

    But of course, of the 60 truck accidents, it doesn't say how many were caused by other vehicles. With the major accidents in the last few weeks involving trucks, even the police have said that several were caused by cars going to the wrong side of the road.
  4. From what i can gather from reading the comments, they set up on a downhill section of the F3 where the speed limit suddenly drops from 110 down to 90 then back up again straight after, they also dont say what tolerances they used did they count 91 as a offence when the police would use a 2km/h margin of error, did they set up correctly with nothing around to confuse the signal ect
  5. They set up in the only section southbound from beresfield to wahroonga that drops to 90km/h, that being around jolls bridge down to the hawkesbury river.
    The other side heading north is 100km/h.
    The rest of the F3 stays at 110, except for about one km at the beginning and end.
    There was a news report at the time stating the govt had lifted the speed limits in this area to 100, but for some reason, southband is still 90.
  6. If what-her-face can stand up to this pressure, she might even be worth voting for.