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[NSW] media and scruby at it again

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by evelknievel75, Nov 1, 2009.

  1. 3 days after that once great paper the Sydney Morning Herald ( sister paper of the Age ) runs a story on requests for the 110km/h limit in some areas to be raised to 130km/h +, they run this story http://www.smh.com.au/drive/revealed-drivers-freed-to-speed-20091030-hptp.html in sundays paper stating that the RTA here hasn't fined anyone between July and August this year, who sped up to 10 km/h over a posted 100km/h limit due to "tolerances".....and they quote that troll scruby at length calling this an "attempt to make the govt popular".

    here in NSW yes they do have non disclosed tolerances ( which i understand they dont in Vic. ) for good and obvious reasons such a speedo discrepancies, safety factors ( yes you may need to accelerate momentarily away from someone ) etc etc. how scruby and his FOI request come into this for his pedestrian council ( what would any pedestrian be doing anywhere on the road that is posted 100km/h is beyond me ) mystifies me. but then again everything this moron does tends to do that anyway.

    haven't they ever heard that expression "dont feed the trolls" in the media. i don't know why i forget that is all they do these days. if there is a headline in it then let's run it!! if there is any change to this enlightened policy of tolerance then this is really beyond belief.....no wonder the media is viewed in such contempt as real estate agents, politicians and parking rangers.
  2. Yeah, I read the article with complete disbelief. Can't understand how people think 10kmh over the limit in a 100kmh zone should be a fineable offense. 10% over.. like 55 in 50 zone.. I mean come on! I wonder if they'll ever realise lack of driver education is the issue, not speed itself. Oh wait one makes the government money, one will cost them alot, but ultimately result in safer drivers and less crashes...
  3. Hahahaha! Good luck with that one Hartley you big scary sounding policeman you. :eek:hno:
  4. First of all, his analogy was all wrong
    Sir Humphrey was never under instruction of ministers to make sure of anything. Quite the opposite really.

    Actually, reading between the lines, I thought that was a very positive article

    What I see is bullet dodging, making excuses, shifting responsibility etc. What I do NOT see is admitting that there is an unspoken agreement, promises to crack down on this 10% speeding policy, or any effort at all to change the current system - if there is in fact a 10% policy. But rather we are given the official line - can be fined for 1k over - as if it's the end of the story. Neither the cops or the RTA want to know about it and in especially in this case probably view Scruby as more of a pest than we view him.

    I read it as some serial sook having another tear, and being told to suck on a fat one.

    A quick witty shutdown by RTA could have been, "obviously this just shows that if motorist's speed in a 100 zone they do it by more than 10 km/h of the posted limit, and anyone else has just been very lucky not to be caught."
  5. This is the same twat Harold Scruby that is objecting to an investigation into the implementation of footpath parking for bikes in Canberra on the grounds that: (paraphrasing from current AMCN)

    ...there is already an obesity epidemic in this country and now they want to introduce more impediments to people walking...

    WHAT? You f*cktard. You utter waste of space.
  6. Apart from the obious ... ie the guy being (as said above) an utter waste of space and general annoyance, not to mention insult by having to admit being a member of the same species, I liked this one

    "speed has been a critical factor in more than 40 per cent of accidents"
    ... which would mean that more than 50% of those accidents are attributable to factors other than speed?! Now, an intelligent human being would take that figure and run with it, ie determine the real causes of accidents and do something about them.
    Unfortunately we don't have any intelligent beings running the show ... sigh

    Hmm ... think after I die I'll hang around a while as a ghost ... just to get even with some of those numbnuts making all our lives difficult and oppressed. Seeing as time will be reasonably irrelevant, what's a year having fun fu$%^ng with some of these d!ckheads?! :)

  7. Scruby is an ego-driven media hog, who spent 20 fruitless years trying to foist a new flag on us. When that failed miserably, he appointed himself as the pedestrian's friend.

    He has a fax machine, and no friends.
  8. Harold Scruby is a walking advertisement for retrospective birth control.
  9. :rofl: as someone else pointed out, what are pedest's doing anywhere near 100 km/h roads?
  10. If I drag my feet on the freeway while doing 100kmh, does that make me a pedestrian with a really fancy trolley? :cheeky:
  11. Ah yes, the Pedestrian council, where the founder, chairman, treasurer, spokesman, president, vice president, PR man, gopher are all one and the same....

    A moronic 4wd driver who ran a pedestrian over on a footpath. Mind you, this was before the pedestrian council was in the news as much as it is.
  12. Like so many street-walkers of King's Cross, Harold Scruby's job is to find people in big cars and try to f*** them for money.