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NSW MCC and Update on CTP.....

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Toecutter, Jul 5, 2010.

  1. After the massive increase to the 250cc class, the main issue at the moment is to get a fairer charge allocated to this class

    The MCC Executive today met with MAA http://www.maa.nsw.gov.au/ , who now have much work to do in regards to sorting out the CTP debacle.

    Some suggestions for further review will be a LAMS class, so all LAMS bikes will be charged the same

    Single seat rego, that in QLD reduces their CTP by about half

    MAA to check on all classes, as the 250cc has managed to slip through the cracks, there may well be other classes disadvantaged

    Andrew Stoner, leader of the Nationals, has been very supportive, with many farmers riding 250's...but being in opposition makes it harder to get anything through, but MCC still confident of getting a full review

    The good news.

    Since April, motorcyclists at fault now have a $5,000 claim available to them

    Next few days we will have outlines for letters, and will ask all of you to personalise, to send to your local member. As a voting block, 540,000 licenced NSW motorcyclists could easily hold the balance of power

    And those that want a Protest, 31st August at noon is the date the politicians come back from winter recess. So pencil that date in and watch this space
  2. Is that $5000 available to everyone currently, or just people who renewed their ctp after april?
  3. Also, this protest didnt sound like a riding protest rather a shouting and stamping feet protest and hoping people will care. The protest will make a much larger impact if it's riding on the roads during peak hour. Also, why is it so far away? People will be forgetting by then, who cares if the politicians are on their winter break, the working public aren't. If we get noticed by them we will get noticed by the pollies winter break or no winter break.
  4. Regardless of whether the price can be amended, I think it's be good just to have an open public statement from an insurance representative outlining and explaining clearly the specific statistics, correlations and mathematics by which the relative CTP charges are calculated.

    Single seat rego would be golden.

    By understanding how pricing is calculated, and how government regulation is forcing insurance companies to structure insurance charges and brackets in a particular way, the government may be lobbied for specific changes that will allow the insurers more flexibility in calculating registration.

    If insurance companies were freed of the burden of government regulation, they could develop unique products for specific riders based on their unique risk calculations. I'm sure the insurance companies would love to offer 'single seat rego' as an alternative product, but they are apparently barred from doing so by government regulation.
  5. Frankly, why does the government have any say in regulating what the capacity brackets for motorcycle registration calculation are?

    Abolish this nonsense and let the insurance companies compose their own regulation to determine who is and isn't high risk, and charge appropriately.
  6. How many protest rides have you organised??

    Well you had your chance to contribute.....

    So what was more important than the meeting tonight ](*,)
  7. I was there, hence my comment: "Also, this protest didnt sound like a riding protest rather a shouting and stamping feet protest and hoping people will care."
  8. Apologies, for the assumption

    Not so much shouting and stamping, just a united front with some speakers on our behalf. That's the plan......United we ride, divided we walk

  9. The MAA reports to Govt

    MAA appear to have been working from incorrect Data - being crash as opposed to CTP Claims

    It was mentioned to target the insurance companies, however, they again look to the MAA for information
  10. What a load of rubbish.

    State voting works by electorate. We are too distributed to make any difference.

    A protest is the only solution, one that inconveniences the masses.

    You have got to be ****ing kidding me.

    Have you EVER paid attention to the wankers in the CBD screaming their pathetic protest on their megahorns?


    We have the means to get real attention about this matter. STOP ADVOCATING THIS PUSSY FOOTING AROUND.
  11. Firstly the government has just decided on new capacity break downs when it come to registration cost. The insurance companies then took the opportunity to ream people within the new structure.

    So what we need is the government to crack down on insurance companies unfairly penalising motorcycles. There is no financial justification for what the insurance companies charge us for greenslips. The government just turns a blind eye.

    So what we don't need is less regulation in this industry.

  12. What $5,000???
  13. Who can make a CTP Insurance Personal Injury claim?
    From 1 April 2010, anyone injured in a motor vehicle accident in NSW, regardless of who was at fault, may be able to access benefits under the Accident Notification Form. These benefits include early payment of reasonable and necessary medical expenses and/or lost earnings up to a maximum of $5,000. Please note, different eligibility rules apply to accidents that happened on or before 31 March 2010.

  14. Damn. I was hoping they'd just give me the money :rofl:
  15. Vote from the rooftops!!!!
  16. wrong. If you think about it, electorate voting or not doesnt make a difference. 540,000 state wide is 540,000 which is roughly 8% of NSW voters. The spread of that will be enough to impact all electorates, i think about 5% is considered enough to swing a seat. More of those half a mill will be in country areas, but there is still enough generally. It's just a shame that it wont make a difference in this election, Labour is already swinging by their neck.

    I agree with this, but you could have made that point last night. Why didn't you?
  17. What's it take to run a party for the upper house these days? I know they cracked down on it at the last election.

    A motorists "rites" party that addresses a number of motoring issues, including motorcycle issues, should get a fair few votes.
  18. How do you know the price is inflated for any given category without access to the specific data and methods by which the insurance companies calculated prices?

    How do you know what the financial justification may or may not be for the relative costs applied to motorcycles? Unless you've seen resources I'm unaware of, the insurance industry hasn't disclosed this information. Saying it is 'unfair' is no more than speculation without the data to back it up.

    Insurance isn't a monopoly. With so many players, and resources like this: http://prices.maa.nsw.gov.au/index.html
    it's a very competitive industry. In a free market, if one insurer could undercut the price of another insurer and thereby secure a greater market share, why wouldn't they? Competition can only breed lower prices, the only way your suggestion is true is if you believe there isn't a competitive market in NSW.

    All seven major motorcycle CTP insurers in NSW offer roughly the same price for all their services. In what other industry do you have seven or more major players and not have the lowest possible price determined naturally by competition?

    What seems more likely to you, that the seven major insurers in NSW are all in universal cahoots, performing illegal anti-competitive behaviour?
    They have all independently determined that similar prices are the lowest they can possible offer under the current regulatory framework.

    Regulation is the only thing that stops the existence of such products as single seat rego that would save motorcyclist's money.

    If regulation was abolished, why would any insurer raise their prices substantial? Can you explain the specific mechanism by which they could do so without becoming uncompetitive and losing most of their sales? If just one of the six other insurers doesn't raise their price similarly, the insurer that does raise their price stands to lose massively. They only rational behaviour for an insurance company in a competitive market is to attempt to increase market share by either lowering prices or offering a better product.
  19. I don't have the data. Like most reasonable people I assume that motorcyclist are less likely to cause third party injury than any other vehicle on the road. For the price to be almost identical to car prices then is surely unreasonable.

    Whilst to the end user it may seem there are seven (odd) players in the market, the reality is there are probably only 2-3 underwriters.

    So yes, I do believe the market is corrupt in this case.

    I'm not sure how the RTAs portfolio could be done be private industry.

    CTP insurance already is de-regulated. I'm suggesting it needs to be partially re-regulated to ensure the market truelly is offering a product that reflects the true cost.
  20. If you truly believe this is the case, don't bother lobbying the government for regulation.


    It's a clear violation of the trades practices act. Clear cut criminal behaviour, it should be a simple prosecution if the numbers don't stack up under review as you suggest. I'll believe (and applaud) a conviction when I see it.