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Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by Psycho Biker, Jul 11, 2007.

  1. via the MCC list.

    NSW Greenslip quotes WANTED

    A Greenslips Committee is being formed under MCC of NSW to address
    CTP issues.

    This committee neeeds support and a little help from all riders.

    Have you received a renewal notice from your last year's insurer for CTP?
    No doubt you are shocked and puzzled and were motivated to go chasing
    a better price.

    Games being played with your money.

    Also, the LTCS increase is being used to improperly justify massive
    increases in CTP premiums for motorcycles.

    We need a lot of greenslip quotes so we can illustrate the "pattern
    of behaviour" by insurance companies. We need lots of quotes - the
    ones that got sent to you through the mail when rego was due. We need
    examples from all companies.

    Please fax your greenslip quote to 02 9817 1081[1] These will be used for
    a presentation to Parliament and will go on the Parliamentry record.

    If you're scared of complaining, bend over and pay up, but don't whinge
    about it and don't get in the way.

    We firstly need to determine the scope of the problem - so a few hundred
    are needed.

    If you want to stand up with other riders and complain properly and
    formally, fax your greenslip to 9817 1081 Round up your club members
    and mates and ask them to do the same thing----

    FAX your greenslip to 9817 1081

    Don't just whinge about it. Do this.

    The "Lifetime Care and Support" portion of the levies is, according to
    Hansard records of Parliament and the published papers from the MAA,
    meant to be a $20 average increase in Greenslip prices for all vehicles.

    Within previous Greenslips were a few small levies for Hospitals and
    Ambulances, but these were included in the Premium and not itemised.

    The new LTCS portion is now included on your Greenslip within the "MCIS
    Levies" portion itemised on your Greenslip, added to the now separated
    Ambulance and Hospital levy on each policy.

    The total MCIS levies "should" be around $50-$60 for these Statutory

    Many motorcycle riders have noticed that the MCIS levies have been put
    at anywhere from $100 to $250. This is not right.

    We need copies of these from real people.

    (smudge out your rego number if you like, but we need real people and
    bike type along with pricing detail)

    MCC of NSW

    [1] postoffices will fax it for a couple of bucks if you can't find a
    fax elsewhere. Faxes have a clearer audit trail than email, so fax is
    the go.