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(NSW) MCAS Parramatta

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by haggis, Jun 21, 2008.

  1. Motorcycle Accessories Supermarket at Parramatta are having a big sale today, Saturday. I've just been and there are some great bargains on just about everything. They are moving soon

  2. Was it only today?
  3. <looks at watch>

    Good news obviously doesn't travel as fast as bad news :(.
  4. Offer the rest of june and throughout july. Moving to granville at the end of july.

  5. Awesome here i come. Monday it is.
  6. +1

    Thanks for that info, Will; I shall have to make a trip next Staurday!
  7. Granville?

    Seems that would be a step backwards :/
  8. Thats what i was thinking ,its set up in the best sport in sydney :?
  9. Well that is for the parramatta shop only, maybe the landlord wants a lot of money or they just want to have both shops (road and off road) under the same roof.

    Who knows.

    Granville is not that far away anyway.

  10. The only problem was finding some where to park or leave the bike, I did ride passed a few times and counldn't park any where so I did take my money to bikebiz ,because I could park.

    But normaly left the bike a actions car park anyways. :LOL:
  11. Gday, you didnt happen to see the price of draggin jeans did you??
  12. Technically Granville is only at the end of the street MCAS is on down near Team moto Kawasaki.
  13. I got post happy
  14. They are having a sale at all stores, is there birthday sale. Draggins were $189 when I was in city store today.
  15. they had sidi vertigo corsas at $585 (normally $650) but not my size

    i also asked if they stocked the new draggin "kevlar legs" but they didn't :(
  16. Just to let you know it is not Team Moto anymore... That store got bought out by BikeBiz....
  17. Most of the store is 10% off, plus a couple of bigger bargains aswell.

  18. thanks for the info champ :)
  19. The westfield is just next door, 3hrs free parking!
  20. Alot of the motorbike customers just park along the side of the shop.