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NSW mature age rider question

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Pedro78, Jun 4, 2008.

  1. Hi Guys,

    I passed by P's at the end of April08 so technically i still have approx 11 months before i can upgrade however i turn 30 in 3 months time and have been enquiring whether or not i will be able to upgrade after my birthday as part of the NSW mature age rider scheme.

    Originally i called the RTA a few times but each person gave me a differnt answer, some yes, some no and unfortunately the website wasnt any help either.

    So then i emailed the RTA and after 2 automated responces directing me to look on their website i finally recieved the following -

    Thankyou for your email. Once a customer meets all the requirements of a mature age rider, their licence can be maintained as unrestricted without serving the full provisional period.

    The requirements being that i am 30years old, have held an unrestricted drivers licence for five years with no cancellations and i have completed both the pre-learner and pre-provisional courses.

    So at this point its looking good for an early upgrade as i have finally got something in writing from them however i just want to find out whether any one else has done the same thing?

    I know that if your already 30 at the time you pass your P's you can upgrade no problem but has anyone else been in the same situation and sucessfully upgraded early?

    Obviously i'll be keeping the email and taking it with me when its time to upgrade but i just dont want to spend the next 3 months planning and looking to buy my next bike only to be shot down in flames when i go there in person.
  2. from the RTA website

    Mature age riders
    If you are aged 30 years or over and have held an Australian or New Zealand unrestricted driver licence for the last five years with no cancellations, disqualifications or lapses of more than six months between renewals, you may proceed directly from a learner rider licence to an unrestricted licence. However, you are still required to successfully complete the pre-learner and pre-provisional courses.

    You are not required to wait three months between gaining your learner rider licence and attending the pre-provisional course.

    While on your learner rider licence you must observe all the normal learner rider restrictions:

    Maximum speed of 80km/h.
    Display an L plate on the rear of your motorcycle.
    Not exceed zero blood alcohol concentration (in effect, this means you cannot drink before riding).
    Wear an approved Australian Standards AS1698 motorcycle helmet
    No pillion passenger.
    Motorcycle engine capacity and power to weight restriction. 660ml engine capacity and power to weight ratio not greater than and 150kw / tonne and is a bike approved by the RTA and displayed on the List of Approved Motorcycles for Novice Riders.
    When you have successfully completed the pre-provisional course and passed the Motorcycle Operator Skills Test (MOST), you will be issued a Certificate of Competence. Go to your nearest motor registry and:

    Produce your Certificate of Competence (red in colour).
    Produce your learner rider licence.
    Pay the licence fee.
    You will then be issued with an unrestricted rider licence. Please note that you are prohibited from carrying a passenger until you have held this licence for 12 months.

    The operative wordds IMHO are in the first sentence; If you are aged 30 years or over. You are not, although you soon will be......
  3. FWIW, my sister was in the same situation and instructed that she'd have to serve out the rest of her provisional period anyway.
  4. I f I remember correctly this came up before, either here or in another forum.............I think the end result on that occassion was:
    (a) You are required to run the 12 mths on P's or........
    (b) When you attain 30, sit the test again and move directly to unrestricted......other than not being able to pillion for 12 months.

  5. Or get a QLD unrestricted license and skip your P's all-together. When a friend did this they told her there is no motorcycle P license equivalent up there and thus put her straight onto an open license. Apparently cost $0 and no Q-Ride as that is for L platers. Be quick though - IIRC the system changes in July.
  6. High-risk and illegal. You can't get an out of state license with your principal place of residence being in another state, and all states are cooperating in the enforcement of this. Only Service personnel get cut any slack on this these days. In fact, you are requried to transfer your licence within 28 days of moving interstate or it becomes invalid.
  7. All you need is proof of address and a residential addr in QLD. The first can be done with a change of addr via netbank. Print the page then change it back. The second (actually having a residential addr in QLD) requires having a friend/family member up there willing to let you use their address for the license. Once in place you can use a postal redirect to take care of any mail.

    Of course you have to state that you "live" at that residential address; as you say hornet, you can't get an interstate license in this way. But if you do it right it works so *shrug*.

    *edit* If you can legitimately upgrade after 3 months to unrestricted in NSW, do that. Transfer of license from interstate to NSW states that you must hold unrestricted MC license for at least 12 months in another state before you get same here. Any less and they put you back on your P's. As long as you don't need a NSW license for 12 months that's fine (note your RTA customer number is still valid despite not having a NSW license).
  8. A crime shared is still a crime.
  9. Id be more than happy to do the test again but when i suggested that to the RTA it just seemed to confuse the matter even more.
    Their system shows that i have already completed it so they see no need for me to do it again.

    If the time comes and they wont let me upgrade will i be able to use the email i recieved to make them honour the request or do they have right to say that someone just made a mistake and still say no?
  10. Just my experience - I am 35 but since I have come from the UK I do not meet one of the requirements, i.e. "held an Australian or New Zealand unrestricted driver licence for the last five years". So on this point, I am required to be on my P's for 12 months. :(

    But interestingly enough, I have seen some riders with green P plates (100km restriction). I have checked this with the RTA and there are no green P-Plates for riders in NSW. So what is that all about?
  11. If you get an infringment notice before your 30, you will have to wait till the end of your p's

    If you lose your licence P's, youll have to retake the test

    If you turn 30, you upgrade your learners, it doesnt say upgrade provisionals anywhere on the legislation.

    but if you got a letter from the RTA, take that, and if the girl at the counter doesnt help, ask for the manager and question your case.

    Im over 30 did my test on a scooter and now have an unrestricted motorbike licence, but hey, im still riding a 250cc anyways, does the job for me, keeps me happy too

  12. a fine and demerit points =]
  13. Sorry I don't get your answer?? What's a fine and demerit points got to do with Red/Green P-Plates?

    My question is/was - according to the RTA,you get (red) P's and that's it. After 12 months you will get unrestricted (unless of course you qualify for mature age rider exemption).

    However I have seen people with green P-plates on their bikes. So how can they have green plates, when according to the RTA, bike riders don't get green plates
  14. they just stuck the green plates on, they may be on provisional licence or full licence and think they have to were green p's after their red p's finish

    the strange thing is a motorcyclist can get a full licence 2 years before a car driver
  15. yeah sorry i didnt clarify, but its wat "Tomcatalex" said. individuals think the same rules apply wen riding motorcycles. red and then green. its not nescessary "refering to "Tomcatalex's" reply.

    once u finish you're P's .. your a free man =]
  16. As stated above for a car Red P's are 90km/h and green P's are 100km/h so my guess would be that there are bike riders out there who think that they can get away with doing 100km/h if they display green P's.
    The thing is cops arnt stupid so i would have thought you'd have an even bigger chance of being pulled over if you were displaying green P's on a bike.
  17. That sucks doesn't it?! I am in the same boat. :(

    It is annoying the hell out of me because I have held a full UK car license for 18 years, I have been driving here in Australia on it for over 4 years and it is considered equivalent to the NSW license for me to get a full NSW license without taking any test. So why is it suddenly not equivalent when it comes to the mature riders scheme???? :mad:

    Apparently some RTA offices will allow it, so if I pass the P's test I will try a different one and plead with them. Probably won't fly but worth a shot.
  18. It is a rule that makes ABSOLUTELY no sense whatsoever. Not even people in the RTA can explain the reason behind it. I have also held my driver's licence for 17+ years and they have been happy to give me a unrestricted car licence straight away.
  19. I'm also in that position, I've got 22 years on a full driving licence and when I emigrated here I had to take the NSW licence test so I've had that for 4 years but that's not enough to qualify me for the Mature Riders scheme!!!!!!!! :shock:
  20. Any chance you Poms could stop whinging?